Elina Furman, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and founder of the Kahlmi baby massager.


So many parents are looking for ways to get their babies to fall and stay asleep. Did you know that infant massage can help babies sleep better? It’s true! When babies are massaged, they release oxytocin, the feel-good hormone which calms, soothes and promotes sleep. Also, massage increases the sleep-regulating hormones melatonin and serotonin, and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). Research shows that massaging a baby regularly helps to get their circadian rhythms on track. Elina Furman would love to discuss this topic and much more.

With March National Sleep Awareness Month right around the bend, Elina can discuss how baby massage done at any part of the day helps set the circadian rhythms that can help parents synchronize their baby’s sleep schedules with theirs and get a restful night’s sleep. She can also demonstrate 3 baby sleep hacks that are all-natural and have gone viral on social media:

  1. SLEEP JEDI TRICK: How massaging in this one spot on baby’s neck can lead to better sleep.

  2. EYE BROW SWEEP: How to massage baby’s face to induce sleep

  3. HEAD SCRATCHER: How to gently massage your baby’s head to lull them to sleep


Elina was recently interviewed on Good Day Chicago (see segment here), Great Day Connecticut (see segment here), North Dakota Today (see segment here), and Daytime Chicago (see segment here). She can discuss all the ways infant massage improves sleep naturally. She can also share how massage helps build babies’ brains, increases growth, strengthens the baby/parent bond, helps build baby’s immunity, and helps alleviate common baby ailments like teething and constipation.


After suffering from postpartum anxiety while her firstborn son had colic, Elina set out to help other parents dealing with the same situation. She became a certified infant massage therapist and instructor and was inspired to create Kahlmi to help educate and bring awareness to baby and child massage in the US and beyond. A 2022 JPMA Innovation Awards finalist, Kahlmi is the first soothing and interactive massage and bonding tool tailored to the unique needs of parent/caretaker and child. It helps improve digestion, lessen fussiness, strengthen immunity, promote body awareness, and more.

Topics Elina Could Discuss in an Interview

  • March National Sleep Awareness Month: How Massage Helps Boost Babies’ Sleep Hygiene

  • How Massage Helps Build Babies’ Brains

  • How Massage Naturally Boosts Infants’ Immunity During Flu Season

  • The Many Benefits of Daily Infant Massage to Relieve Common Baby Ailments

  • The Most Surprising Benefits of Baby Massage (It Can Actually Change Baby’s DNA and Even Boosts IQ!)

  • For Every Season, a Different Reason: Which Baby Massage Oil to Use in Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

  • Why Baby Massage Is Not Just for Babies!

  • The Inspiration for the Kahlmi Baby Massager

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