Ep. 12/6/2021 – The Jiggy Jaguar Show:Inna Hillabrant & Gerry Houser


Ina Hillebrandt is a writer, speaker,
writing coach and editor/publisher
with 20+ years of experience in
memoir, fiction, mystery, comedy and
self-help. She’s got a new, expanded
edition of her classic book, “How to
Write Your Memoirs…Fun Prompts
To Make Reading…And
Writing…Your Life Stories A
Pleasure!” coming soon. Other books
include Amazon.com bestseller
“Pawprints,” “The Student Prints”
Pawprints curriculum companion, and
IRWIN award winner, “You Are Who
You Eat, The Revolutionary New
Cannibal Diet.” She’s also edited and
published the Amazon.com
bestselling series, “Stories From The
Heart,” and a number of others. All
available worldwide online or at your favorite bookstore. Contact Ina and find out
more about her books, or to schedule a consultation on her website:

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