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Nile Nickel

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Do you use a Fitbit? If so, one day it could possibly save your life.

In the world of modern technology, electronic fitness trackers can let you keep records on your

smartphone of how many steps you’ve walked, how much you’ve slept, maybe your heart rate, or

even where you’ve been. But what can the gadget tell your doctor? A few things that are pretty

Doctors at an emergency room in New Jersey recently used heart-rate data from a patient’s Fitbit

to quickly figure out what treatment he needed to get his suddenly irregular heartbeat under

control. This is just one example, but an amazing one at that.

Technological and Social media specialist Nile Nickel uses his expertise to elaborate on how

the advancement of technology is now allowing us the possibility to save lives more frequently.

In an interview, Nile Nickel can discuss with you’re the many advances in this new trend

and how it can be both positive/negative for the future.

 What are Fitbits and how do they work?

 Can they really save a life? If so, how?

 If it is proven that they can work medical miracles, will they become the next big thing in

 What are some of the other advancements that may be coming in the near future?

* As Seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and CNN

* Expert on Social Media, Technology and Human Relations

* President and CEO of Balance Engines LLC, and Small Change LLC

* Science, Technology and Social Media Reporter

* Authority on How to utilize LinkedIn to build your brand, your business, and your connections

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