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“You might read it as a novel, and think it could never happen to you. But think again! I urge you to read this
book with an open mind and an open heart. Although entertaining, it provides a valuable, deep-rooted
education. This is one of those rare books that will stir an awakening in you!”
–Joe Vitale, Best-Selling Author of Over 50 Books, Doctorate in Metaphysics,
Appeared in the Movie, The Secret

Sometimes it takes a novel to get us to understand the deeper, more important truths about life and death —
especially when it involves love, miracles, and one woman’s powerful desire to find meaning in a world, turned
upside down by the loss of her husband.
Medical Manslaughter, by widow, Gloria J. Yorke, is such a book! Based on her true, but incredible life and
journey, Gloria’s story also explores selfless caregiving for her husband, his recovery against all odds, gross
medical malpractice, and medical record cover-ups.
Gloria, 25 years younger than her husband, lost him nearly six years ago. He was a Chicago legend, entertainer,
singer, and virtuoso of the tenor sax who opened shows for many of the greatest entertainers in history….the
original Rat Pack—Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr. – and Tony Bennett, Johnny Cash,
Wayne Newton, Mel Torme, Phyllis Diller….the list is almost endless.


Early one morning in July 2012, Gloria’s husband collapsed at his home, and was rushed to the closest local
hospital. Tests proved he had blood on all sides, and inside his brain. It was recommended that he be
immediately transferred to a larger hospital that had its own neurological department. Upon doing so, he was
placed in ICU. After three days there, and starting to show signs of slight recovery, they moved him to a
regular floor for rehab. Was expected to go home in three days! It was here that the doctor assigned to him
made a crucial medical error that began the end of his life.
This medical mistake pushed him into a coma by the following morning! The head neurologist stated,
‘Let him die!’ The hospital began to harass Gloria with daily demands to discharge him, while nursing homes
were refusing to take him. But finally one did accept him, thinking he was going to die in a week. Through
sheer determination and prayer, Gloria willed him out of a 34-day coma and helped him live another six
months, while recovering from garbled speech, brain damage, and other related complications.
“What happened to him at home was an accident; but what happened at the hospital was criminal!” fumes
Gloria. “I brought him into the hospital with his senses. He could walk, talk, and he knew me…only suffering
with severe head pain. This hospital turned him into a vegetable state, by pushing him into a coma by forcing a
prescription drug needlessly, over my repeated objection! No amount of time, nor inundated tears will ever
erase the devastation and heartbreak that I lived, every minute of every day during that nightmare…and still can
vividly recall!”
Gloria shares remarkable insights on the following:
 Why nearly 400,000 patients DIE every year from medical mistakes
 How to protect yourself from medical error
 Advice on bringing someone out of a coma
 How to advocate for a sick patient and serve their needs
 The horrors of nursing home living
 Hospice providers—the good, the bad, and the ugly
 Pray “Never Found To Fail” Prayer to The Blessed Mother. Catholic or not, it works!
 Believe in the supernatural…her husband returned, AFTER his death!
Gloria’s personal story, which is mirrored in Medical Manslaughter, through the guise of Nicholas and
Gabriella Carcioni, also highlights that she has been a spiritual channeler, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and empath
since childhood. The existence of the paranormal and an afterlife, has been proven to her many times. Within
this remarkable story alone, six miracles occurred!
“Without giving away the incomprehensible ending…let’s just say, the reader will be beyond astounded!” says
Gloria, a devout Catholic.
“Prepare yourself to be enlightened, frightened, and blown away…at what unfolds in Medical Manslaughter!”
says Gloria. “You will have to keep reminding yourself, all that’s written in Medical Manslaughter, is based on
TRUE events, that are essential to you and your loved one’s well-being. I promise, you will not be
disappointed, and will NEVER look at the medical field the same again!”
Contact Information: MEDIA CONNECT
Brian Feinblum 212-583-2718


Medical Manslaughter Exposes Medical Error Epidemic

by Gloria J. Yorke

The British Medical Journal, in 2016, estimated there are between 250,000-400,000 deaths due to medical error. Ten
percent of all U.S. deaths are due to a medical error. These errors are the third leading cause of death in America, after
heart disease and cancer. This has to stop-now!
The problem is colossal, and thus far, the medical field has been using a Band-Aid to stop the proverbial bleeding, or they
have just been sweeping the statistics under the rug, which is costing more people to lose their lives!
The politics and practices necessary to alleviate it – and the willingness to change – at this time, are almost
A multitude of doctors and nurses are making a multitude of mistakes on a daily basis.
Shouldn’t they, as trained medical professionals, be held accountable and responsible for their decisions, actions, and
inaction with regard to how the outcome affects and the remainder of a patient’s life?
The answer to this question must be “Yes!”
But, thus far, many have gone penalty-free. Ego, exhaustion, poor training, laziness, cost-cutting measures, outside
pressures, and other factors lead to medical mistakes that compromise the quality of life – and life itself – for those
entrusted in their care.
Our government must mandate accountability procedures, so that hospitals keep honest and accurate records that can be
checked regularly by statistical auditors, who will especially monitor deaths. There should be no more hiding of the facts,
just so hospitals and other health organizations can get good ratings and funding. Accountability will highlight the
magnitude of their fearsome situation, bringing to light the fact that medical error has reached epidemic proportions!
A survey on medical error released in 2017 by the IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute and NORC at the University of
Chicago found that 41% of people in the U.S. believed a medical error was made in their care. Of those reporting that they
experienced medical error, 73% indicated that they were actually injured by the error!
National Patient Safety Awareness Week was created by The Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the National
Patient Safety Foundation. It was designed to provide an opportunity for both healthcare professionals and healthcare
consumers, to come together to improve patient safety. We need to see a transformation take place at hospitals.
These institutions and individuals who show repeat error occurrences/deaths should be subject to interrogation,
investigation, and prosecution. No longer will an unacceptable excuse for the loss of life be allowed.

About The Writer: Gloria J. Yorke, the author of a new blockbuster, Medical Manslaughter, lost her husband
nearly six years ago, due to doctor error, in a Chicago suburban hospital.


Gloria J. Yorke

Gloria J. Yorke is a hotel sales & marketing director, journalist, and public speaker. She is also a spiritually gifted woman,
and a co-author to the 2015 best-selling book, The Midas Touch: The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets
to Winning Big in Business and Life, written along with Dr. Joe Vitale, Dan Lok, and 26 international authors.
Most of all, she is very proud of having been a loving wife to an admirable man, with whom she was married for
33 years. In the last six months of his life, she devoted herself to being his health advocate.
Yorke, the author of the recently published 5 Star novel, Medical Manslaughter, which is based on her TRUE Story,
written under the guise of Nick and Gabriella Carcioni, touches intermittingly on the life she shared with her husband, but
mainly chronicles her husband’s untimely and unjustified death. The reader will be disturbed and horrified as truthful
events unfold within the pages of a book…one that will be hard to put down!
For several years, she penned a bi-monthly column, Out On a Limb, for a number of Chicago suburban newspapers.
Born and raised in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, to Edward and Virginia Rose Yorke. She has three siblings, and a large
extended family. Yorke enjoyed a 30-year career in the hospitality industry, serving as the director of sales and marketing
for a number of hotel and resort chains. She was honored for her work with several awards for team leadership,
mentoring, public speaking, and financial productivity.
Being a devout Catholic her entire life, she grew up with her religion deeply embedded within her. She is a spiritual
channeler, clairvoyant, clairaudient, empath, and advanced tarot reader. Many of these gifts were not fully identified until
she reached her teens. Her conversations with Divine Jesus, The Blessed Mother, Angels, Saints, as well as departed
relatives and friends, all of whom occupy various dimensions in the Spirit World, are ongoing.
Yorke resides in a suburb of Chicago. For more information, please consult:


Gloria J. Yorke

Medical Manslaughter

1. What inspired you to write Medical Manslaughter? In January 2013, my husband died due to doctor error.
The Doctor assigned to him, in the hospital on a regular floor, prescribed a sleeping pill, even though his chart
showed that he still had blood on all sides and inside his brain, since leaving ICU, three days prior. She
completely ignored my objection, as wife and power of attorney. He was sleeping fine, and did not need any
medication. I asked her to review his chart again. Her response was, “I know what I’m doing!” Before I could
stop the nurse, she administered the pill early that evening. The following morning, he was found in a coma,
which began the end of his life!
2. Gloria, your debut novel provides a real-life dramatization of what happened to your husband once he fell
and hit his head in his house. Do you blame the doctors that treated him for his death? Absolutely! I
believe the initial doctor assigned to him caused his death! My husband did not need a sleeping pill, and I stressed
that fact to the doctor emphatically. She could have started with a small dose, but no, she prescribed the
strongest…50 mgs. I reminded her that he had a concussion, and had been in ICU for three days, and was sent
up to a regular floor for rehabilitation, and was told he would be home in three days! His condition was
extremely delicate. But, she would not even listen to my opinion. She resented that I was challenging her
decision, and let me know it, by ignoring my wishes, and abruptly walking out of the room.
3. Why didn’t you file a lawsuit for medical malpractice? I contacted an attorney, specializing in malpractice. He
seemed very interested, until I told him the name of the hospital. Then his tone changed. I sent him the records.
A few days later, his secretary called saying they were not interested in this case. The following week, I called
another attorney, and spoke with the senior partner, asking that I send all of the records. The following week, he
called to ask the exact date my husband went into the coma. I repeated July 27, 2012. He informed me that the
record showed from July 27 on…”Patient was alert and anxious to go home!” I shouted, “Stop! He was in a coma
for 34 days! He replied, “The doctor and nurse went in and changed the record…You don’t have a leg to stand
4. There are over a quarter-million deaths blamed each year on medical errors. What could be done to reduce
that number? Our government, under Health and Human Services, must mandate accountability procedures, so
that hospitals keep honest and accurate records, that should be checked often by statistical auditors! There should
be no more hiding of the facts, so that hospitals get funding and good ratings. Accountability will highlight this
fearsome situation, bringing to light the fact that medial error has reached epidemic proportions! It is only when
uncorrupted and facts are chronicled in patients’ records, that experts will be able to address the situation clearly.
Those institutions and individuals who show repeat error occurrences and deaths, should be subject to
interrogation, investigation, and prosecution. No longer can the excuse just be, “Oops, I made a mistake!”
5. What should those who enter a hospital know about their level of care they are to receive? Everyone
entering a hospital, needs to KNOW that they need an ADVOCATE. A spouse, friend, or relative must visit
daily, and take an extreme interest in what is happening to and for the patient. It is wise to discuss with family
and friends, prior to getting ill, asking them to assume that responsibility if and when you might be hospitalized.
You of course, would most likely do the same for them. What are the duties of an advocate? A sincere trusting
advocate, takes a detailed interest in your welfare. They look for signs of abuse, adverse reactions to medicines,
the patient’s mood—are they irritable, itchy, not sleeping. Cleanliness— bedsheets, pillows, the floor, the
bathroom…keeping in mind that germs are your enemy.


6. Once your husband was in a coma for a week, why did the hospital tell you “to let him die”? When my
husband first went into a coma, I had asked immediately for another doctor to be assigned to him. Obviously, I
did not trust the judgment of the doctor who put him in that coma. This new doctor engaged the help of the entire
neurology staff, including the Head Neurologist, who started extensive testing. They tried everything, to find out
why he went into a coma, and how to bring him out of it. After two weeks, he met with me and showed me his
brain tests, stating he was stymied. He did not know the answer to either question. Believing he exhausted all
efforts, and that my husband would never come out of the coma, he stated, “Let him die!”
7. How did you will him out of it, after 34 days in a coma? Actually it was more than just my WILL that did it.
Quickly, I researched as much as I could about the brain, and figured he needed circulation to that area. So I
purchased a Theta CD which supposedly stimulates a part of the brain. Then I began massaging his neck,
shoulders, arms, hands, and legs with a vibrating massager. Naturally he was very stiff all over, having not
moved in an entire month. So I had to handle him carefully and gently, as he would moan many times, even
though still in the coma state. I did this religiously every day, which took about an hour or longer. His physician
at the nursing home thought my husband was going to die within one week after his admittance.
8. You then helped him to regain his speech with intense rehabilitation and therapy. Were you amazed that
he lived another six months upon waking up from a coma that the doctors thought he’d never awaken
from? He went into the coma in July, while in the hospital. In August, 34 days later, he awakened in the nursing
home. Of course, during that month I began my ritual of massaging him, and playing his CD’s. Being he was a
singer and had a big band orchestra for many years, it was natural to stimulate his brain this way. When he first
woke up, he replied “OK” to the administrator. However, upon waking up, when I was present, his speech was all
garbled and unrecognizable. Yes, I needed a professional speech therapist to help unravel his speech. No, I was
not amazed that he lived another six months. I thought with my personal care, I would have him for at least one
9. What tips can you offer to those who have to be strong advocates regarding the healthcare of a loved one?
First major tip—TALK about your wishes…if something should happen to you. Perhaps during Thanksgiving or
Christmas gatherings, it would be a good time to bring up this subject. In doing so, all of your family/friends
would know your wishes, and would know that they ALL will play an important part in your care, depending on
its severity. This is important, because being an advocate demands a lot of time and energy. If your spouse or
friend is a senior, they might not have the energy to be at your side for eight hours or more a day, every day. This
is when a rotating schedule would go into effect, so the responsibility is distributed.
10. Once he came home to hospice care, what did you learn about that stage of life? What about life in a
nursing home? Life in the nursing home is very political! If you have constant visitors, the staff sees this, and
really does take note of it. In other words, they know that if you feel you’re being mistreated, you have someone
to go to and complain. Whether in a nursing home or hospital…you need an Advocate! Keep in mind, you may
not have your mental faculties to know if your linen has been changed daily, or even your diaper changed on a
regular basis, or if your liquid food has been depleted. Hospice—There are major differences between hospice
organizations. Their goal should be one of compassion, helpfulness, and optimism. They are not there to
calculate or decide, the day you will die.
11. What is a living will or a power of attorney for healthcare, and why are these documents important? Within
any Will, is a Living Will. You state, if you were near death, how you would want your life to end. Examples:
Do not resuscitate, No feeding Tube, no tracheotomy. Your spouse/friend will know your wishes, so they can
make a wise decision, if there is a crossroads regarding your condition. Keep in mind that though you may not
wish for certain medical attention, one must always be given every medical consideration, before giving up on the
patient. However, we never want to prolong their suffering. A part of your Will includes a Power of Attorney
for Finances, and a Power of Attorney for Healthcare. The person designated has the ultimate say regarding your
final health decisions, should you be unable to make them.


12. Tell us about your husband, who was a talented musician for 60 years, playing with people like Frank
Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.. In the book, MEDICAL MANSLAUGHTER, it is written based on the TRUE
STORY of my husband’s life, but mostly his death. This book was written as fiction, in order to avoid any legal
ramifications from the guilty parties. So everything in the book mirrors my husband’s life and death, as well as
our life together. In MEDICAL MANSLAUGHTER, Nick Carcioni is an entertaining singer, tenor sax player,
and a big band orchestra leader….one of the finest Bands that Chicago had to offer. Nick was indeed a Chicago
Legend. He opened shows for: The Pack Rat and those who Left their Heart in San Francisco, the King of the
Strip, Mr. Vegas, he who Walked the Line, those Who’s Sorry Now, and she who proclaimed, I Am
Woman…including many others!
13. How did you fall in love with a man 25 years your senior? Love does not have an age limit attached to it. Nor
does it have a list of stipulations like location, race, nationality, or creed. The heart has no conscience and cannot
be controlled. You fall in love with a person’s personality, and the comfort level you have while you’re with
them. Obviously you have to have common interests and an intelligence factor plays into it very heavily. In my
book, Gabriella fell in love with Nick, because they simply clicked…..Professionally, intellectually, and Interests.
Having worked under his leadership, while employed at the same hotel, she got to know him, and see him in
many scenarios. They met again after she left that hotel, as if fate stepped in, and thought it was an ideal match.
14. A widow nearly six years, how do you cope with your loss? Honestly, it has been very difficult for me to get
over his death. That’s why it took over three years to write this book. I had to re-live all that transpired, and it
was extremely heartbreaking. Many times, I just wanted to give up on the idea—but what kept gnawing at me,
was that I promised myself and him, that I would tell this story, so that this would not happen to others! It is
truly written to protect all from harm. Some people say that writing is therapeutic. Many days I would have to
disagree with that analogy. And yet, many days, it did help tremendously. Judging from the 5-star reviews that
are posted, and emails received…it was worth the effort and the pain!
15 You are deeply spiritual. A devout Catholic, why do you believe that in death one is never really gone? I
have been a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and a spiritual channeler since childhood, and connect with those in the
Spirit world. This has included Divine Jesus, The Blessed Mother, angels, saints, as well as many other deceased
spirits. Their Spirit is very much alive, and they can hear and see all that is transpiring here. Ask for their
guidance and advice. They will find a way to give it to you. Sometimes, they have enough energy to physically
materialize, as Nick did in the book. It takes much to make that happen. Many times, they will visit in the night,
while you sleep. Other times, they will appear in a crowd, and soon disappear. When this happens, don’t
discount seeing them as your imagination. It is not!
16. So do you believe in miracles? Why? I MOST CERTAINLY DO! In MEDICAL MANSLAUGHTER, six
miracles occurred during a six-month period. One must never give up on a situation, even if a doctor says so.
One must believe in the higher power, who can make even the impossible ….possible! Over my lifetime, I have
seen several miracles occur, as a result of believing. You know, what you believe and what you think about, you
draw to you. This is called, The Law of Attraction. So erase all the negative thoughts and words, and replace
them with positivity, and your entire life will change for the better.
17. How has your religious faith helped you in your time of crisis? I am Catholic and have a closeness with Our
Divine Jesus, and The Blessed Mother. When I am troubled or in crisis, I pray. I pray my Rosary and ask The
Blessed Mother to comfort and watch over me. I am thankful and grateful for all the numerous gifts that God has
given me, and I tell Him every day. When fearful about a situation, I ask Archangel Michael to protect me…he
has done so numerous times. Archangel Gabriel has guided and assisted me in writing MEDICAL
MANSLAUGHTER. I ask Archangel Raphael to heal me and give me good health. I seek assistance from the
Holy Spirit to enlighten, guide, and strengthen me. Yes, they are all super magnificent, and are my dearest


18. You claim to possess the gift of being a medium. How does one know when they have such powers? As a
medium, you hear and see much of what others do not! Yes, a medium definitely hears messages in their head…
warnings, or just conversations with the departed. In channeling, all I have to do is ask that Spirit if they have any
message they want to convey, and either soon thereafter or a few days later, the messages start. I even get a funny
feeling that comes over me, and I know that it is a Spirit that is ready to communicate. Additionally, I am an
empath, which means I can feel what others are feeling, their attitude or mood. Many times I can walk into a
room, and immediately sense that something is wrong, with the people or a person around me.
19. What advice do you have for others who struggle with life-death decisions and conflicts? FOLLOW YOUR
INTUITION! God has blessed us with this marvelous alarm button, and all too often we ignore it….our
INTUITION! If you don’t have a good relationship or connection to your Creator…God…The Universe…call it
what you will, you will be like a kite blowing in the wind, with no string attached. You will be a lost soul. Think
about those who are diagnosed with a disease, or hardship and they have nowhere to turn. Many family, relatives
and friends don’t want to hear your problems…they just want to hear your successes. Eventually, those successes
stop. Without having a connection to a Higher Power, you will sink into the lowest form of loneliness and
depression … a black abyss, where you are powerless to save yourself! For example, look at the many named
personalities, whose lives have ended in suicide.
20. What do you hope readers will take away from your emotional saga? It is my desire that they will learn
much! That they will see what Gabriella did right, and what she did wrong. Hopefully, they will emulate the
right, and leave the hospital in good health. They and their advocate (s) simply must be alert! Ask questions,
meet with the attending physician often, educate themselves about the illness, so they can ask pertinent questions.
Ask about the negatives….what could go wrong with an operation or procedure, or adverse reactions to
medicines. When asking questions, make sure the doctor, nurse or specialist answers in layman terms. If you
don’t understand what they’re saying, ask them to clarify.
Lastly, it is always a good gesture to bring some goodies for the nursing staff.—cookies, candy, donuts. A little
kindness will go a long way!

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