GUEST ALERT!: Author, Dr. Warren Farrell, on the “Joker”: Highly relevant to The Boy Crisis

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Dr. Warren Farrell author of The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It is available for interviews.

Listen HERE

Dr. Farrell POV: I just returned from seeing the Joker. And yes, it is highly relevant to The Boy Crisis. The theme of the Joker that is a theme of The Boy Crisis is that “boys who hurt, hurt us.” The “joker”–a depressed and mentally ill man on seven medications–was considered weird and a loser who was often the target of meanness and abusiveness. He feels ignored by the world at best, and a victim of others’ abusiveness toward him at worst. So how did he get weird and vulnerable? We discover that he was adopted, was told lies about his real father by his adoptive, narcissistic and delusional mother, and that his dad abused him while his mother just stood by and watched. The evolution of his pain and anger is not too dissimilar to the pain and anger behind many of the mass shooters and boys who eventually commit crimes and become prisoners.

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