Guest: How Does Someone Handle Dirty Family Secrets at Thanksgiving?



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THANKSGIVING ANALYST: Kevin D. Miller author of Heart Of Steel.

Thanksgiving get togethers can be awkward at best; drunk uncles, political arguments, family gossip and more can turn turkey day into turmoil. But…it could be worse. Way worse.

Kevin Miller woke up one morning to learn the Miller family name he’d used all his life was not even his real name! And, in his search for why his whole family had changed their name, he uncovered multiple family secrets including brutal abuse, raging alcoholism, multiple miscarriages, incredible struggles and even a secret family murder! How about trying to explain that around the Thanksgiving feast?

What do you do? In Kevin’s case, he wrote about it in his new book HEART OF STEEL!

Kevin, a U.S. Air Force veteran, accidentally discovered an old yellowed newspaper clipping that revealed his real last name isn’t the All-American Miller, but the very Polish Puchalski. Kevin’s research unearthed that his grandfather Stanley Puchalski was a man with many secrets, including a grisly murder, and they were all buried with him. The family secrets were so devastating, it compelled Stanley to change their family name and never talk about it!


ABOUT: In the early morning hours of September 13, 1920, a tragic murder takes place at the Pulchalski farmhouse in Southington, Ohio. Twelve-year-old Stanley desperately runs along a dusty country road sent by his frantic mother to fetch the Sheriff. An infamous scandal unfolds over the next several weeks taking Stanley and his siblings on a harrowing journey through a notorious orphanage in Warren Ohio and an incredible attempt to escape. Finding true love is Stanley’s only hope to finally come to terms with the torment of his tragic past. The story is based on true events in the life of Stanley William Miller. It inspires the heart on how a young man’s devotion to his family pushes him beyond impossible odds and testifies to the perseverance of the human spirit. A murder mystery. An infamous scandal. A beautiful love story.

BIO: I love stories based on real life. Real life drama, real life hardships and real love and family. To me those are the best stories to be told. I didn’t know my last name wasn’t originally Miller, until only a few years ago. My grandfather took many secrets to his grave. A series of newspaper articles from 1920 changed all that. Puchalski is my true family name. It took some years to figure out why my grandfather changed our name. It is a story I had to write and share. I wanted to honor the man who gave us our legacy. I was born in Canton, Ohio and moved to Arizona as a young lad and grew up in Tempe. I proudly served our country in the USAF and have had several amazing jobs in Engineering, Web Design, acting and now as a writer. I earned a couple of degrees. A BS in Information Technology and a BS in Electronics Technology. I live with my wife and two teenage daughters in Southern California where we help manage our girl’s acting careers. In my spare time I enjoy physical fitness, weight lifting, traveling and I love being close to an ocean. Cheers! If you are like me, please give me a “Follow”.



TWITTER: @HeartOfSteelBo1

Ask Kevin:

His top tips for dealing with family baggage during the holiday season
How he has come to terms with his own family secrets
His thoughts on, and other modern tools that are unearthing family secrets; should they be left hidden?
Does he wish he’d never found out about his own family’s checkered past?

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