How ‘Friending’ God Can Restore Purpose In Life For Lonely Or Anti-Social People


How ‘Friending’ God Can Restore Purpose In Life For Lonely Or Anti-Social People – Interviews Available

If meeting new people or socializing with others doesn’t come naturally to you, having a little faith may fill the void, a new study finds. Research by the University of Michigan found that people who lack friends and social circles look for God as a way to satisfy those needs. Religious people have a stronger sense of belonging and purpose, even if they struggle to find footing in social settings.  Conversely, the authors say, when people don’t feel like they belong in a group or feel unsupported in their relationships, they’re more likely to lack direction or struggle to see meaning in life.


 Latoya Shea is a spiritual life coach dedicated to helping people live more fulfilling lives through healing their souls and spiritual growth with God

About Latoya Shea

Being on her own after being homeless at the age of 13, Latoya has experienced and triumphed over many obstacles. Inspired by the many that has influenced her life, she has lived a life dedicated to service and education. This has led her on a deep spiritual journey and intimacy with God. She has been known by many titles such as health inspector, veteran, nurse, Anesthetist, prophet, teacher, until she finally accepted her calling as God’s vessel to do good and guide many back to Him as a Spiritual Life Coach.

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