Institutes of Innovation and Information Is formed to Grow Historically Black Colleges & Universities -to Help Businesses Create A Classroom-to-Job Pipeline – creating pathways to a viable future


More than 50% of South Carolina’s African American college graduates come from one of the state’s seven Historically Black Colleges & Universities. A new program, the South Carolina Institutes of Innovation and Information (SCIII), has just been formed in order to help grow student enrollment at the HBCUs and to foster a classroom-to-job environment with the students, schools, and business community. It may provide to be a model program for other states to copy.

“I am pleased to be a part of helping to create the SCIII,” says South Carolina State Senator John L. Scott, Jr. “This is an initiative that I believe will not only revolutionize this state’s HBCUs, but develop and strengthen the relationships with our state’s businesses and industries.

“To a considerable extent, many are unaware of the programs and services offered by these schools, which help to produce workers needed to assist our state and nation in remaining a leader in science, technology, the arts, business, education and other disciplines. These institutions are needed to help our state maintain its competitive edge. These institutions, as they move forward, will continue to help this state maintain a promise of a strong economic, social, and cultural environment throughout the state.”

    Please let me know if you would be interested in having Senator Scott and Dr. Nelson on your program to discuss these initiatives. Thanks


Senator Scott and Executive Director Gwynth Nelson are available to discuss:

·       Why Historically Black Colleges & Universities are very important and what can be done to grow enrollment.

·       How South Carolina is taking the lead on improving business and community relations with its HBCUs.

·       Opportunities to bring about social justice at companies seeking to diversify their leadership and workforce.

·       How SCIII will provide new opportunities for innovation at the university level for Black students.

·       How shortages of skilled workers for key industries, such as nursing and health care, transportation, technology communication, and business, can be met by the SCIII.

·       How SCIII will increase the number of Black STEAM degree candidates, providing a greater pool of talented workers to lead innovation.

·       Why students in surrounding states will benefit from attending HCBUs in S.C.

“SCIII will provide opportunities in business, environmental science, technology communication, transportation, health care, civility, rural development, teaching and nursing,” says SCIII Executive Director Gwynth Nelson, PH.D. “As a result, the academic and personal growth opportunities will expand the capabilities of our state’s citizens and those businesses that employ them. The relationship that these schools will develop throughout the state, will help to ensure them. The relationship that these schools will develop throughout the state, will help to ensure that SC remains one of the leading competitors in the nation.”

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