JP’s Deeper Dive – The Importance of Intention


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About the Book:
Do you feel a bit overwhelmed or unmotivated? Is passion or purpose missing from your daily
routine? Do you want to reignite the drive to achieve personal and professional success?
In The BUILD Framework®, Certified High Performance Coach™ John Peitzman (JP) offers you
a blueprint to build a better future, by showing you how to:
 Increase productivity for your life, your business, and your team
 Implement structure for greater peace, clarity, and balance
 Have the courage, conviction, and ability to go after your dreams
 Create a lasting, heartfelt transformation from the inside out
This book is not hard work.
If you want to overcomplicate things, you can probably handle that on your own. But if you want a
simple, straightforward, commonsense approach—with a framework that changes both your
business and your personal life—then this book is for you.
When you reconstruct your life with The BUILD Framework ®, your success has no limits!
Guest Bio:
John Peitzman (JP) is a Certified High Performance Coach™, professional speaker, author, and
creator of The BUILD Framework.  JP is the author of The BUILD Framework®: A Heart-Based
System for Personal and Professional Growth.  As an expert in the art of high performance JP is
one of only a couple hundred elite High Performance Institute–certified coaches worldwide. JP
and his wife founded In Balance with Life, where they help their clients turn stress, struggle, and
strife into health, happiness, and harmony—by embracing the BUILD philosophy.
A highly sought-after speaker, life coach and teacher of meditation and AcuEnergetics®, JP
effectively integrates ancient techniques, business methodologies, and high-performance habits
to bring more health, joy, and success to his clients’ lives. He lives in Australia with his wife,
Marliesa, and his two children, Myah and Jacob.

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