Killing History L.K. Samuels

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Where Do You Fall On The Political Spectrum?
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America’s 2020 election promises to be a huge battle for the economic soul and political heart of the
country. Many citizens, however, are confused by the labels they hear thrown around — socialist,
libertarian, liberal, right-wing. A new book gives us a historical understanding of these political
movements, helping to educate voters on how to view the political parties and candidates of today.
“People forget or never fully understood what Stalin, Mussolini, Lenin or Hitler stood for,” says L.K.
Samuels author of Killing History. “We need to learn from the deadly history of the past century so that
Americans don’t ever make a mistake on what they believe and whom they support.”
Samuels will explain the following:
 How we can help people identify what type of politics they believe in.
 Why we must be aware of the various political approaches to government – and why some must
be shunned.
 How he feels Americans can work together to strengthen America if we get on the same page.
 Why history’s been distorted – and why we must step out of our tribalistic perspectives to clearly
see the state of things now.
 How past wars and political ideologies got us to where we are today – and how the politics of old
is different than today’s political perspectives.
 How myths have masqueraded as history – and why we find it hard to believe in anything today.
“We each need to discover which political party is truly in line with our own philosophical beliefs.” says
Samuels. “There must be a way to find meaningful coordinates and redraw the political map. With a
slew of historical facts presented in my book, one can now navigate the political swamplands with a
faithful GPS to figure out one’s own political place.”
His book is based on six years of research and contains 1,500 footnotes. He previously published In
Defense of Chaos: The Chaology of Politics, Economics, and Human Action. He wrote guest columns
for the Orange County Register. He also managed the Future of Freedom Conference series for five years,
arranging speaking engagements for Timothy Leary, Ray Bradbury, Arthur Laffer, Karl Hess, Nathaniel
Brandon, and dozens of other scholars and writers, which were mostly held at university campuses in
Southern California. He helped found Rampart Institute with Robert LeFevre in 1980 and eventually
became its president. He resides in Carmel, CA.

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