Larry Tracy 1/26/2021

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How Conservatives Can Counter the Left Wing “Troika”

                                             Monetize Trump Voters!


                                        By Larry Tracy, Colonel USA (Ret.)


Troika is a Russian word describing three elements working in unison for a common objective. It had its political origin in the Soviet Union’s NKVD, the secret police predecessor of the KGB. It eliminated-literally-opponents of the Soviet regime.

Now, in the world’s greatest democracy, we are witnessing the creation of an American Troika-Big Tech, the Media, and a part of the corporate donor base, including major publishing houses. The common objective is the silencing of conservatives. Twitter and Facebook are purging conservative voices, the principal media outlets are apologists for the Democrat party, and large publishing houses will refuse book proposals by former Trump officials. The Soviet Troika was a killing machine of opponents of the regime; its American variant is attempting to kill free speech by censoring ideas from conservatives, and limiting the ability of those on the political right to communicate with each other and the American public. Nancy Pelosi, in her HR 1, will codify this muzzling of any speech which differs from the Democrat Party’s  accepted narrative. It could be called the Kim Il Jung school of political discourse.

Are conservatives powerless, destined to wander silently in the political wilderness? Not at all! They have a tremendous advantage hiding in plain sight-an economic juggernaut in the more than 74 million angry Trump voters. Let’s apply a variant of the Pareto 80-20 Rule to this huge cohort. If 80% of these voters kicked in $20, that would be over one billion dollars-$40 would be well over two billion! Do the math of additional multipliers. This potential fund raising behemoth should not, however, be approached in the pathetic “begging” manner of the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2020, which I call the  “Buddy, Can you spare a dime?” method of fund raising.

Instead, a corporation should be formed, perhaps called “Patriots Inc.”  Instead of making donations, voters could buy shares. This corporation could then fund the creation of alternatives to Twitter and Facebook. Conservative newspapers such as the Washington Times, New York Post and Epoch Times could receive investments enabling them to expand their circulations. On the publishing side, Regnery Publishing, which has just agreed to publish Senator Hawley’s book (rejected by Simon and Schuster) could use a cash infusion to expand its capabilities so it could publish other books analyzing the 2020 elections. Trump voters/corporate share holders would turn these books into best sellers. The author’s of these books would hopefully contribute a significant portion of their profits to the corporation which in turn would fund conservative candidates in the 2022 House and Senate elections, as well the GOP candidate in 2024.

Finally, who should control this corporate cash cow? Certainly not the RNC, which, in the post-Trump era, may be increasingly populated by RINOS and “Never Trumpers.”  Perhaps this is the perfect role for Donald Trump. What better way for him to “repay” Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Troika which has done their bidding? As corporate CEO, he could dispense funds to the RNC to support only those candidates sympathetic to the policies he promoted in his presidency.

Just a thought.

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