Larry Tracy 11/3/2022

Naturally, the mid-terms.Will it be a “Red wave?” Lots of questions. If Fettermman wins in PA because of huge vote by mail there-and corruption of Philadelphia Democrat machine, will he serve, or have a relapse, to be replaced?
     If GOP wins House, maybe the Senate, how will Biden deal with RepublicansH after his “Republicans are a threat to Democracy” speech (Yesterday) and “semi-facscists (September)?
    Democrats doing all they can to keep Trump off  2024 ticket, even while he is the Republican they can most easily defeat? Strange!
    Democrats 2024 political map horrible: they must defend 23 Senate seats, including 3 in states won by Trump. Republican must defend only deliveries10 seats, all of which are in States won by Trump.
           The winter halt gives US and allies time to shore up arms deliveries to Ukraine. Worry in Kiev is that GOP Congress may want to cut back. For example, JD Vance in Ohio said we have
           enough money to Ukraine.
          Are the Javelons, Stingers and HIMARS, game changers all, being taken from US Divisions? Or have contracts been issued to manufactures? Your listeners at Ft. Riley and FT.
          Leavenworth would know.
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