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Summer!-  Time, Budget and Weather can be my friends in making every visit memorable
Questions:  What can I do?
                      What is a recipe for success?
                       How do we prepare?
                       What is the opportunity and how do we shine and explore together?
The ABCs of school and life success as a shared experience and an opportunity for everyone.
What are ways we can work with a budget and have gas money or means when necessary….?
Teachable moments for solvency, scenarios for stories, and call and response or reading aloud.
Setting up playful interactions with or without spending:
– library events, develop social behaviors, and maker behavior at home or outdoors.
Rule one- Safe, sound, funded and feeding the curiosity…there be dragons…use up some old paper plates, forks and cups and make something new, unexpected and try tape instead of glue.
Rule two- make it playful and talkative…part of Sing, Read and Talk, Astrocamp, or just part of doing math while cleaning the kitchen or sight reading a song, an animal path, a riddle to solve like steps, distances and workload emptying the car or van.
Rule three- have your grandchild make it up and guide you on how to make it fun or be in dialogue
Take a big problem like saving water or changing habits and make it a challenge with an award for the summer?  Put it in time, in sequence, and in actionable parts and create a timeline.
My friend lives in a housing complex with tall, tall trees and this summer our governor put everyone on a water budget…how could saving water and learning science protect the beautiful trees?
Could working with a book in community…help save trees, keep moving towards a healthy community and make living in the complex more satisfying and fun (?
During summer, we can pick three books that could help us solve problems and save pennies as well as gain interest in academics or in sharing our developing talents…could helping out become a new way to make books, movies, stories come alive and learn from the past to make the present more manageable?
Books we chose, because reading was not a skill that everyone has-
Robert Escalante- Scrabble book and new educational sections: Water, Green, Birds, and Fishes (Lulu Press or downloads later in the summer.  Use (elementary pages and handouts or Earth Observer App on smartphones for now).
Ruth Elliott- See what you are looking at- Drawing Instruction book (saddle stitch and online lessons)
Projects:  Maker Events-  make a chart, draw shapes, use a calendar.  Make a Frame with string and large squares to make a map (if not, use graph paper), take notes and talk about success, breakdown, and breakthrus…How could we fix it, How could we make it better, what kind of kindness will help?
Study Shapes and look for patterns…weather, wind, heat, soil, savings, and tasks.
Goal: Make it the most fun and memorable summer ever by playing games, learning about family memories, using maps and helping out.
Why does this work?
–        Something borrowed, something blue, something reused, recycled, and relevant….
–        Something shared together, and in mind…..
–        Learning how to study something and how to create something
–        Finding that as a social learning (shared experience) project everyone gets something out of it…
–        Stay on budget and learn about management for good
–        Making a difference to the trees, to a planned trip, to water savings, to a moment with challenges
–        Become a water hero, a citizen scientist, a young performer, a helper and problem solver
–        See solutions like Benjamin Franklin in every problem
–        Be ready by the Fall to have great stories to tell, challenges met, situations solved, and spirits lifted
–        Make a list song of how you did it, what you faced and how you defeated despair and improved in the process
Why?  Learning is social, emotional, and transformative…if it is made safe, fun, and friendly instead of competitive or beyond reach…change from a no to a now and a yes…practice 30 million words by using local resources, tools and even IT.  Sing, read and talk about the process.  Have quiet shared moments like drawing a tree or looking up options in our example in ground cover or in measuring how to engage everyone in mutually protecting what is cherished through service, problem solving and basic skills.
Sam Beard and his education program for community service:
–        Read, Sing, Engage, Collaborate and use the Internet for Good
–        0-5 as a global movement for literacy that helps children learn, develop and succeed
–        You can strengthen their possibilities and use the summer to be ready for an exciting future while sharing time together
–        Make up for deficits by building community, collaboration, planning, and celebrating what you will learn
Release the Cracken-  shape the moment of your summer adventures by navigating how to address a garden, butterflies and worms, water issues and reading all as a solutions oriented way of sharing, learning words, doing art or making models, and gaining words, memorable moments, coordination and coordinating skills and making a difference.
Children love to create things, play with words, and be helpful given a chance.
Organize moments shopping, dreaming, writing, and reading that can make a room, a shared space, or a car trip fun and exciting by list songs, observations, using GLOBE measurements and reporting, looking at a library schedule and making the most out of visits and errands and time in between.
Resources: (storybooks), Elementary GLOBE
Scrabble book and excerpts:  Robert Escalante, 13th edition
See what you are looking at, Ruth Elliott, (books and lessons, podcast, and Friday night Facebook shows, cds)
Birding is my favorite Video Game, Rosemary Mosco, Cartoons about the Natural World from Bird and Moon, Andrews McMeel Publishing, bird and
Earth Science- Teacher Resources, Arbordale, Storybooks online on Weather, Seasons and Climates, Natural Hazards, Earth Shaping Events, Sky Patterns and the Solar System and more….
When the Ground Shakes, Irit Almog and Shoshana Wheeler, Children 911 Resources, Empowering Parents for Children Press.
Laughter Yoga-  You can Practice laughing on demand when stuck.
Didi Pop- Hawaiian Alphabet fish song….
Sing, Read and Talk about STEM, free resources in English and Spanish, talking is
Summer is a time to support our youngest innovators with STEM and STEAM (Science, Language and the Arts).
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