TODAY’S SHOW – 8 Questions to Ask Your Employer before Returning to Work



Some employers are trying to help you to go back to work. But at times, they need your help to think these pressing health concerns through, so you and your work stays safe. They are doing their best to help you. You can help them by asking them these 8 questions.

Questions to Ask Your Employer Before Returning to Work
o Employers Need to Know Your Concerns
1. PANDEIMC POLICIES: How often do you contact Public health Officials about the Pandemic News for the city and state?
2. AIR TRANSMISSION: Will there be a policy to wear masks at all times by all workers?
3. SUPPLIES: When will n95 masks be distributed? Or is there a budget for employees to supply their own fabric masks?
4. SURFACE INFECTION: How will gloves or hand sanitizers be distributed?
5. BATHROOM CLEANLINESS: How often is the bathroom planned to be sanitized. ( should every 1-2 hours)
6. WORK DISTANCING: What plans exists to adhere to social distancing for 6 feet per worker?
7. GROUP MEETINGS: What me this will companies meeting be held, in person or in groups?
8. COVID19 INFECTION REVENTION: Who is my human resources focal for COVID19 related concerns?

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