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2 versions of the virus, more one infectious than the other
KTLA Morning News and Los Times News reports there are now two versions of the coronavirus, and one is a more infectious mutant version of the first. This virus currently circulating around the world can infect people twice. As previously reported yesterday on my social media LinkedIn and Facebook pages: South Korean CDC officials were using the previous strain of the coronavirus that was first seen in Wuhan. Their findings were based on the previous strain of the virus sequence given by China’s government officials.The newest version of the virus that is infecting people in the pandemic, can infect people more than once, and its viral properties are suspected to be perhaps more like the HIV virus. Only CDC and WHO scientists can define its properties. This version has been circulating in all parts of the world currently.

What this means for a Vaccine
This means CDC and WHO officials will work with creating 2 types of vaccines based on the mutations. This new discovery poses challenges to scientists and will make finding a vaccination more challenging. The vaccinations currently being produced and tested must verify its effectiveness on both strains. In the interim, it is suggested that all people wear face masks to reduce transitions and avoid tight enclosed spaces with 10 or more people until medical doctors find effective treatment methods for the virus. This method is also used to prevent additional strains from mutating.

Good News to this Matter
The good news news is that we have already been operating with the new virus properties being considered. A future vaccination can include both strains. And current test kits can be created to test both types of coronavirus strains.


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Wear a face mask and glasses no matter where you go.
Remove your shoes and wash your clothes when you return home and keep them separate from house clothes.
Refrain from touching things in your home or inside of your car without washing your hands first
Keep a distance from people even outside.
Avoid being around people for more than 7 seconds in confined spaced / lobbies / elevators/ restaurants until there is a vaccine.
If you have a preexisting health condition or you care for someone who is older and at risk, talk to your Human Resources to take this time off if your location is reopening by having your doctor give you a note to state your current work restrictions. You will be protected per the COVID Cares Act and Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act).
Use this time to start and complete your career transition and perhaps start your own home-based business to weather changing times within the next 3 years.

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