Olympia Lepoint 6/11/2020


Bring In Scientists to Find America’s Solutions & Implement The Answers

Talking Points:

Just like scientists guide the politicians in ending the COVID 19 pandemic, scientists can help Guide leaders in ending social injustices and guide in the technology development of the U.S.

Breakthroughs in Culture through Science as seen in the past. Forms of social injustices has ended In U.S. history by the impact of famous scientist & it can happen again. Franz Boas, Hidden Figures NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson and Albert Einstein were instrumental in ending types of social injustices.

Franz Boas prevented Nazi camps from coming in the U.S. during world War II.

Beginning in 1961, Katherine Johnson launched men to the Moon and helped America win the Space Race advancing technology over Russia.

Albert Einstein pioneered Civil Rights laws when he taught Science to African-Americans men the Theory of Relativity in the 1940’s before the Civil rights Movements were formed. Scientists have transformed people’s thinking when it comes to race relations. We can have scientists work with leaders to do the same today.

The Future: Since the COVID19 pandemic, we have asked scientists to guide us. And we can see that our culture and economy is moving toward technology. Let’s have scientists help solve the social injustices problems, as w e have with solving COVID19 health, so we can move together into the new form of U.S. economy which is

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