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sandra lee2 weeks ago

Donald Trump Running 2024!

Larry Tracy2 weeks ago

10/8/2021 Larry Tracy-Letter to the Editor re Afghanistan

John O'Connor,
LAW2 weeks ago

Judge takes away parental rights over vaccination status

Automotive2 weeks ago

expert at Zutobi

Henry Silvert
authors2 weeks ago

Henry Silvert

Automotive2 weeks ago

Pam Oakes 10/4/2021

IQ al Rassooli2 weeks ago

Will a Jew Save the French Republic?

Joe Palamina
Kids Book Authors2 weeks ago

HAVE OUR CHILDREN LOST THEIR WAY? IS OUR SOCIETY TO BLAME? HAS TECH OBSESSION TAKEN THE PLACE OF TRUE KID EXPERIENCES? PUBLIUS GUEST AUTHOR: Joe Palmisano, is author of the new life lessons children’s book titled, Penguinville: Come Find Yourself. Join Mayor Pedry – the only purple penguin in the town, as he takes you on a tour of Penguinville, a place where you can really be you. From the town baker to the town doctor, he’ll introduce you to “Ville’s” friendliest residents, all with their own lessons to impart about loving yourself! Beautifully illustrated by Laura Watson, this sweet rhyming tale to entertain and educate young readers on the value of accepting who you are and embracing the differences in others. In Penguinville everyone is welcome! PLUG BOOK: Penguinville: Come Find Yourself. BIO: Joe Palmisano would likely describe himself as living a “Forrest Gump” life. He has been an entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses, college football coach, radio personality, and much more. He traveled to China to compete in a twenty-two nation Kung Fu tournament at the age of 66, winning two gold medals, and has now written a book so that young people can hopefully understand that who they are is unique and deeper than what people can see. FIND HIM ON INSTAGRAM HERE:

LAW2 weeks ago

Virginia is officially a toss-up

Larry Tracy2 weeks ago

Larry Tracy 10/4/2021

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