Patches of History 3/4/2021


We’re going to take break from the news cycle to answer one of the burning questions of all time- Did
Napoleon lose the Battle of Waterloo because of Hemorrhoids? Author AK Patch is here to talk about
the battle and how he worked this important event into his new novel, THE CATACOMBS’ CURSE
OK, AK- tell us about what happened to Napoleon.
1. First- a little history- On June 18, 1815- Napoleon raised an army in one hundred days after escaping
from exile on the Isle of Elba. British, Prussians, and Dutch allies gathered an army to oppose him under
the famous Duke of Wellington and the Prussian General Blucher. They met on the hilly ground near
Waterloo, Belgium and fought a furious battle for the future of Europe. Napoleon is said to have met
his Waterloo there, but he never set foot in that town. Only Wellington did, where he set up his
2. Did Napoleon have hemorrhoids that caused him to lose the Battle?
Some say the nasty discomfort burning his butt caused him to stay off his horse to visit the battlefield
and give orders on the spot. This might be true, but an expert on the battle said this was probably made
up because supporters couldn’t believe a military genius could lose as a result of blunders and
3. So, why did he lose the battle?
Weather, first of all. He waited too long to move his cannons into position because of muddy ground
from nighttime rain.
He started the battle too late, and Blucher’s 50,000 Prussians turned the tide late in the day.
These issues, plus the unbelievable fighting sacrifice of the allies, Wellington’s leadership.
4. You want to hear something really horrific about the aftermath of the battle?
Dead soldiers had their teeth knocked out to make dentures. Valuable commodity.
5. What happened to Napoleon afterwards?
He had escape by horse. Apparently, the hemorrhoids didn’t bother him then.
He abdicated upon his return to Paris.
He tried to escape to the US, but cornered by British ships, he surrendered. Exiled to St. Helena, off of
South America. Died 6 years later. He’s entombed at Les Invalides in Paris.
6. History has unending interesting stories- inspired me to write an adventure that involves the past,
present, and future BOOK ONE PASSAGE AT DELPHI BEGINS THE SERIES. Its about a couple who go
thru Hell to survive in the ancient world and struggle to return home. They don’t understand they’ve
drafted to help save the future of the United States. BOOK TWO, They begin to understand what
disaster they might face in our time.

In BOOK Three of my Series JOURNEY FROM DELPHI- The whole plot orchestrated from within, and
from foreign shores, explodes. it. It’s an exciting, gritty, and entertaining story. Who will be willing to
fight, and who will survive?


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