Pre & Post Vaccination Naturopathic Tips


For the last year, I have posted Face Book talks, blogs, radio, podcast, and TV interviews on my website. I share specific nutritional and herbal suggestions to boost immune function for you and your family and friends to be more confident in this sea of anxiety and insecurity.

Now our society is moving rapidly to vaccinate people for the Covid 19 virus.

If you choose to get vaccinated, I encourage you to know about how to support your body to best make use of the MRNA activation.
As well, I continue to cheer you on to be attentive to specific strategies for your health and not relax and think that masking, social distancing, and the vaccine alone is your ticket to be fully protected.

Join me for a short zoom talk about important action steps you can take before and after you get vaccinated. This will have some relevance to preventing allergies, lyme, cancer prevention, and other immune challenges.

In the zoom talk I am inviting you to attend, we will go over:

* foods to focus on before and after a vaccine
* how to minimize and avoid a swollen or sore arm before vaccination
* how to minimize and avoid feeling achy and tired after vaccination
* how to minimize and avoid all common vaccine side effects
* how to maximize your immune system to accept the MRNA signaling after vaccination
* what nutrients and natural therapies are important before and after a vaccine
* what nutrients and natural therapies are important after vaccines to boost immune function
* how to tap (EFT) to release tissue and emotional trauma

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