Raise Taxes or Cut Spending?

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Raise Taxes or Cut Spending?

Guest Opportunity: William H. Northwall, M.D. – Political Expert, Conservative Analyst and Author of “Return to Capitalism”
Is the right way to attack the budget deficit to cut spending, while not raising taxes?

Some Democrats want to substantially raise income taxes on the rich, both to reduce income inequality and to cut the federal deficit. Fiscal conservatives say the better way to cut the deficit is to reduce spending.

Some argue that debt is not really a problem and we should not be too concerned if it increases. Is this a logical way too think?
Is this level of complacency is misleading?
What factors go into the budget calculations?
What is the impact of a rising national debt number?
Bill uses his book, Return to Capitalism, to explain what happens when our government is out of sources to acquire funds. The truth may be scary.

Meet William H. Northwall, M.D.:
Dr. Northwall is a Retired Radiologist who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and offer up his own unique perspective. His conservative approach takes you through Government, Health Care and the Economy. After 30 years of medical practice, now 20 years post-retirement, started writing on how to reform our broken health care system. Always interested in economics, his writing evolved into an over-all assessment of where we are today, favoring capitalism and arguing against socialism.

He attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, and graduated with a B.A. degree in 1963. His educational background includes M.D. U. Nebraska 1967, Radiology Resident, UNMC 1969-1971, Practice, Loveland, CO 1971, and Kearney, NE 1972-1998. Dr. Northwall also spent time on Senate Trust Committee (Rep) 2000-2002.

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