Ross Perot 7/11/2019

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Ross Perot died a few days ago. In addition to running for President in 1992 as an independent
candidate, he is renowned for a few other achievements. Author AK Patch is here with another historical
segment on a little know courageous act by Ross Perot.
1. First of all, tell us about Ross Perot. Didn’t he have a nickname?
He did- They called him the hand grenade with ears. He had a driving unyielding personality. An Eagle
scout and a Naval academy grad- Ross had the foundation to a great patriot. He worked for IBM until he
formed his own company in 1962, EDS.
In 1986, he invested 20 million in Steve Jobs NEXT venture after Jobs left Apple. This new company
helped to lead to the eventual I-PHONE and I-Pads.
2. What else is he known for?
Always liked this guy. He ran against George Bush the elder and Bill Clinton in 1992. He talked sense with
none of the political baloney. Some of the public likes that kind of talk and other still want the career
politicians to fill us with lies much of the time. He got 19% of the vote and spent 12million of his own
money. He educated the public about the giant “sucking sound” that was the NAFTA deal. In the end, his
candidacy probably got Bill Clinton elected.
3. Tell us about his legendary effort to rescue his imprisoned employees in Iran in 1978?
Iran was on the verge of kicking out their Shah and bring in Fundamentalist Ayatollah Khomeini.
Perot’s EDS had a computer contract with IRAn. Iran stopped making payments, citing problems and
Perot threatened to leave the contract. 2 of his employees were arrested. Failing negotiations, Perot
trained EDS employees with military experience to try to rescue them. They didn’t attacke the prison,
the Revolutionary Guards let all the prisoners out, the employees escaped with them. They drove
hundreds of miles to escape the country. A TV show embellished the raid, but it still stands as a
testament to Perot’s resolve to free his employees.

4. Any other gems?
You have to like a guy who donates millions of dollars to build a Childrens museum and gets a
dinosaur named after him.

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