Surviving a Family of Traffickers – Meet Andi Buerger – Voices Against Trafficking


It is difficult for the average person to understand that Andi’s abusers were her own parents. Despited these horrors and much therapy, Andi has overcome her trauma and her book gives hope and encouragement to other victims. This is a must read for anyone who has been trafficked or misused, for mental health professionals treating the trauma of abuse, and for those who want to better understand how to impact their community in light of this growing trend.

First victimized as an infant, Andi Buerger spent her first 17 years subjected to abuse and sex trafficking at the hands of her own family. Now, as a speaker in federal and local law enforcement venues, Andi discusses talks candidly about her own experiences and her quest to defeat traffickers who thrive even in America’s smallest towns. Andi’s story of survival led to a law degree, a life of business success and the creation of Beulah’s Place in Redmond, Oregon. Here, she is taking action to support prevention at the community level, and providing a model for communities worldwide. Beulah’s Place is devoted to rescuing young people who are at-risk prey for predators and sex traffickers. Andi Buerger’s true-life message is compelling for anyone fighting trafficking as a law enforcement professional.

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