Ted Oakley is the founder of Oxbow Advisors.  He is the co-founder of its predecessor firm, HPO Advisors.  With more than forty years of experience in advising high net worth clients in the investment industry, Oakley implements the firm’s proprietary investment strategies and the “Oxbow Principles” to provide a unique investment perspective.


Oakley was raised in a home with no indoor plumbing, running water, or understanding of how to manage money.  He began working at age six and paid for his college education.  From those humble beginnings, Oakley has built a multi-million dollar company.  His sage advice, drawn from his own experience and intimate work with more than 3,000 builders and sellers of companies and affluent entrepreneurs, is focused on wealth protection and consistent income generation.

Starting in 1999, Oakley founded “Foster Angels of South Texas” and to date has helped more than 40,000 foster kids in south Texas.  In 2010 he founded “Foster Angels of Central Texas” working with  over 33,000 foster kids in central Texas to find homes.  As part of his strategic investment advice, Oakley works with clients to implement charitable efforts as part of their financial planning.

The Oxbow Principles

The Oxbow Principles construct a base capital portfolio as the first stage in investing.   Base capital is nonvolatile funds producing income to cover expenses. This is peace of mind money producing low returns, but is tremendously safe and consistent.  Investment capital is stage two and includes money that can be volatile and tied up for long periods of time. It is used to invest in companies that have more risk but a higher return and is intended to produce a growth pattern that will last the rest of your life.

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