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HeadShotSquareArtMost people introduce themselves by saying ‘I am so and so’. I use a different style of introduction… ‘This is Malcolm Out Loud’. For me it was to create a moment – a moment that says ‘I’ve arrived or I’m here’. An expression that says ‘I own this moment’. I started using it on my Digital TV program from the onset and I incorporated it into my National Radio work and the Out Loud Minute very early on. I use it as both my hello and as my sign-off. I believe it’s important for each of us to stake out our uniqueness and let it rip!

We’ve all been to those conferences or seminars where you get so bored that you literally have to force yourself to stay awake. Even worse – you invest hours of your precious time and you learn nada – you come away feeling empty. I can guarantee you this – you won’t be sleeping through my talks. Let’s just say that public speaking always won out over algebra in my world!

The size of the group is irrelevant. I talk to millions of people on national radio. Hundreds of people on stage. A dozen people in a boardroom. What is relevant is the impact! There is no greater reward in this lifetime than to impact a life. I’ll take as much of that in this lifetime as I can get!

Why risk your success with a subpar speaker? Inspire and Motivate your audience with an experienced Radio Talent, Television Host, an Innovator, a Brink Thinker!

The voice and presence of Malcolm Out Loud is heard on national radio, discovered on digital television and sought out online everyday of the year.

Talk Radio is what I call the ‘Truth Meter of America’. News, politics, healthcare, education, society, culture are all areas that I weigh in on. I’m featured on many of the leading networks and stations throughout our great nation providing expert analysis on the headlines of the day. The Out Loud Minute and Small Bites Podcast are features played on both radio and available on podcast reaching millions of listeners.

Malcolm Out Loud TV informs and inspires people to action. From business to politics, from spirituality to social happenings, this ground breaking digital news magazine brings a new and fresh perspective to a world vying for quality programming. Over 700+ programs throughout a five year span, and I’m still having a great time. We’re just getting started!

Out Loud America is the non pc news portal that is breaking new ground with edgy, informative, yet polite and conversational talk. It is possible to be respectful and yet direct and truthful – without screaming at someone or talking over their heads. This is not a popularity contest – there are no trial runs – this is real life!

‘BRINK of greatness’ is the people portal. This is where the rubber meets the road and life happens. Stories that focus on the human spirit and tools that will drive your own agenda for greatness. BRINK OF GREATNESS is reserved for those who shine in that moment of life – Courage, Empathy, Perseverance, Curiosity, Innovation – People Overcoming Obstacles, Changing Outcomes & Exploring The Unknown! ABOUT THE BRINK.

Why Out Loud?

I left the corporate board rooms in 2010 for the microphone. I had spent over 27 years in corporate boardrooms listening and working with America’s brightest as the CEO Creative Director of a worldwide advertising agency. It was in this setting that I discovered that most of the smart ambitious people were in the business community – not public office. These corporate people had many of the answers, they understood what it took to make things work – sadly their voices were never heard. My goal early on was to be that catalyst in encouraging people to get out loud – not to keep it to themselves, but to get involved in the process. Hence my rallying call quickly became… GET INVOLVED. GET LOUD.

Tell me how I can help you make it happen…

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