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I can give you a brief bio now. I was a Navy Junior, which means I lived in many places and learned many different people’s cultures and ways of living throughout my life. I was born and raised until I was 13 in Arlington, Virginia, then attended U.C Berkeley.where I met.distinguished people, especially Albert Johnson who was the first Black English professor at Berkeley and who plays the lead male in my new book under a different name, Albert Curtis.

After graduating, I bought a one-way ticket to Madrid, Spain where I attended the foreigner’s courses at the University of Madrid, taught by full professors in Spanish. I met my future husband, a Frenchman from North Africa, and my life changed. I learned French and taught English at the American embassy in Morocco and translated Moroccan doctors’ presentation into English for American doctors.

I fell in love with French literature. Upon my return to Santa Barbara, California, I enrolled in an Adult Ed class with an excellent creative writing teacher who at one point said he saw a novel in a few pages I handed to him. Thus I began to write my first novel, Never Marry in Morocco, my coming of age novel, which took twenty years to complete.

I’ve written in one form or another all of my life, including the Bushy Daughters Go to War and Find Rumi,; Touch Me Touch Me Not’ ; and finally Rich White Americans, which takes place in Montecito Calif and U.C. Berkeley. It was inspired by actual events although it is fiction.

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