Topic: Two phases of the stock market under President



Intro: If you look at a 2-year chart of the stock market during
the Trump presidency, you will find that market was robust in 2017, and yet thus far in 2018, it
has been very choppy.
1. As of yesterday, the general stock market has been negative so far in 2018, and yet it was so
robust in 2017. What is different in 2018 that has made it lose it steam?
2. Is it reasonable to give a President credit when the market goes up, and then blame the
President when the market goes down? Which President had the strongest stock market, and
which one had the weakest?
3. Will the political picture have a major impact on the future direction of the market through the
remainder of 2018?
4. What other factors could influence the strength of the market in the next months, or years?
5. What should the average person do in light of political uncertainty, regarding saving and
investing towards a secure retirement, and for other financial goals?

About the Author
Harvey Neiman is President and Chief Investment Officer of Neiman Funds Management, LLC.
And has been on CNBC, Fox Business, and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal,
Barons, and many other publications.
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