Joe Biden and His Staff Won’t Face Charges For Improper Handling of Classified Documents – But Is That Justice?


Joe Biden and His Staff Won’t Face Charges For Improper Handling of Classified Documents – But Is That Justice?
Retired Sergeant Major and author John deVerteuil discusses the dismissal of the charges, and why “equal justice” needs to be looked into.

It’s interesting how different subjects face different results from similar acts.

For example, former President Donald Trump found his Mar-a-Lago estate invaded a while back for reportedly storing illegal documents taken from the White House. Though no formal charges were made, several boxes of said documents were taken from the resort.

Meanwhile, recently, the Special Counsel was looking into current President Joe Biden regarding a report about the alleged retention of classified records, being kept behind his car. Their report has since come back indicating that no charges would be filed. What’s more, Biden spoke about the report, stating that several members of his staff are to blame.

But the real question here is the matter of “equal justice.” Trump faced scrutiny and, on some level, even humility as the FBI raided his estate and took away evidence. Whereas, with Biden, the Special Counsel held an investigation and just as quickly dismissed the idea that charges would be filed against him or any member of his administration.

So what to make of this matter? Joining us now to discuss this further is retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major John deVerteuil. Along with more than thirty-three years of service to his country, John recently wrote a book called We Are America: A Voice from the Silent Majority, which “offers real, sustainable solutions to our national crises, including candid discussions on debt, term limits, taxation, and immigration.” His expertise in what’s happening make him a welcome subject for this interview. Welcome, John.


What should have been done with the Special Counsel’s investigation in regards to making the Biden documents situation more balanced compared to what happened with Donald Trump?
What is the official stance when it comes to having classified documents in someone’s home? Why do you think some people do it? Safety concerns? Something else?
Do you believe “equal justice” is impossible given how much the Department of Justice and FBI lean towards Biden and his administration?
You noted how you believe Biden actually committed greater violations than Trump. Can you go into this a little further?
Doesn’t it seem odd that Biden doesn’t even face sanctions for what occurred? How the Rule of Law, as it’s so called, leans more towards him?
Could this incident, among others, potentially ruin the President’s chances of a re-election?
Once he leaves office, could this incident be revisited again in the future? Possibly to seek out additional documents? Tell us more about your book We Are America: A Voice from the Silent Majority, and what prompted you to write it after your many years in service.
Where can people find your book?
It’s available here on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form.

About John deVerteuil…

John deVerteuil served his country as a member of the US Army for thirty-three years, including over twenty-five years as a Special Forces Operator and retired at the rank of Sergeant Major (SGM). John also has a Masters’ Degree in National Security.
During his time in the armed forces, deVerteuil served in many operations and initiatives: conducting counternarcotic missions in Latin America, counterterrorism in Iraq, nation building in Afghanistan, and stability operations in Africa. He spent over five years in combat and hostile-fire zones providing him a ground up perspective on problem solving.
deVerteuil can discuss National Security at the strategic to the tactical level providing a focused solution that resolves major national issues for the long term. He has been called on by military and political leaders for counsel through his years in the service and his reputation as a problem solver.
John deVerteuil has an innate ability to talk to people in such a manner that anyone can comprehend. He listens and by listening he gains knowledge and understanding.