Joe Sixpack


Intro: Common Sense has become an antiquated concept. It’s become so bad that when you apply it, you risk becoming the source of controversy. That’s why Joe SixPack was born – to STIR THE POT with Common Sense. The latest example is the ordeal of Tommy Robinson, a man who was arrested for covering the trial of Pakistanis accused of enslaving and raping young British girls. Welcome, Joe. (Joe Sixpack is a pseudonym for an anonymous public advocate whose trademark is a hard hat and sunglasses)


1.) How does a British Citizen get arrested for covering the trial of Pakistani Muslim immigrants – accused of enslaving and raping young British girls – outside a courthouse?
ANSWER: The short answer is gradual Muslim Brotherhood conquest of Europe. Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers, members and operatives have amassed great numbers and significant power in that country. Muslim influence played a clear role in the arrest of Robinson.

2.) How did we get here?
ANSWER: Robinson was reporting across the street from the Court House in LEEDS, where Muslim defendants were being sentenced. If you look at the last 15 years or so, Muslims have ascended to positions of significant power in just Leeds alone. That city has had a Muslim Mayor (Mohammed Iqbal), it has government attorneys, professors (one professor’s expertise is DE-Colonial thought), documentary filmmakers, etc. In short, Islam has acquired significant influence within the halls of power.

3.) How much influence does the Mayor of London have?
ANSWER: Technically, he shouldn’t have much. However, as the Mayor of London, Muslim Sadiq Khan is the mayor of the country’s capital. That carries weight. If he were to pick up the phone and find a sympathetic counterpart in Leeds, for example, I’m sure Khan – a stealth jihadist who supports the head of the Global Muslim Brotherhood – would support what happened to Robinson.

4.) When do you think this slow conquest began?
ANSWER: I’ve done a lot of study on this. The origins really lie in how western governments and leaders embraced the Muslim Brotherhood after the Soviet-Afghanistan war. You see, the Soviet Communists were the biggest threat to the west for decades and the Muslim Brotherhood helped to defeat them. They were considered heroes by western leaders instead of strategic allies that should have been cut loose. Politicians and power brokers got into bed with them and today we are seeing those fruits.

5.) How does common sense win this current battle with Tommy Robinson?
ANSWER: These things are difficult to predict but if British citizens continue to protest, if their crowds get larger, if the political liability of keeping Robinson jailed becomes greater than the liability of releasing him, the good guys will win. If the protest on Downing Street was just a flash in the pan, Sharia law will win; free speech will lose.

6) Where may our audience learn more about this topic and you, Joe Sixpack, and your work as an anonymous public advocate?
ANSWER: Facebook is a good place to start. Just enter Joe Sixpack in the search box and look for the hard hat and sunglasses.