John Paul Mendocha – Shurtdown or Turnaround: A Post COVID-19 Reopening Plan


Meet John Paul Mendocha:

John spent 4 years in Las Vegas learning how to win and discovering how people really are—especially about money. His experiences in remote work for 33 years afforded him the opportunity to be a pioneer in achieving results through technology. Here are some highlights…..

Presented to Top Companies such as — Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Dreamworks, and Compaq
SpeedStart Monday TM- Weekly Teleseminar and Webinar – 820 episodes and counting
Over 38 years coaching and consulting
Real Estate & Finance businesses – Valley of Fire Story
Professional Gambler and Speaker
Pitched ideas to 2 Billionaires
Co-Host of Position to Win Podcast (in Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Spotify)
Appeared as a special guest on “The Bachelor in Paradise”
27 years and counting -> Turning a Loss into a Gain

For the last 30 years, John has helped CEOs and production teams win deals and close more business. Technology companies with a complex sales process are his specialty, but he deals with and helps all kinds of businesses. His analytical approach and intricate formula for success is a power within itself!

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