Jon Mathews 3 5 2015



“The Conservative Syndicate” takes political issues a step further beyond just politics by breaching the wall of separation between Church and State. We have always believed there is no such separation, pointing to the historical fact that when you examine the various religions that make up the world population you see a direct correlation between freedom and/or oppression based on these belief systems. We hold the belief that the spirituality of a nation determines their morality, prosperity and happiness or lack of it. Jon Matthews is devout Christian conservative and though he has been a registered Republican since he was legally able to vote, he claims no real party affiliation. His beliefs lie and are loyal to anyone who espouses and supports conservatism, an adherence to maintaining core principles established by our fore-fathers as necessary toward the survival of the Republic of the United States. These principles are those of belief in a Judeo-Christian God and Savior Jesus Christ, a mandatory adherence to moral law based on Biblical teachings and personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions based on the understanding that we will all be held accountable to God on His Day of Judgment. Jon currently resides in Norwalk, California and is married to his wife, Lourdes a Filipina widow he met in 1989 while she was vacationing here in the U.S. He has 3 children from previous marriages and helped to raise Lourdes’ 5 children. Between them they boast of 17 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.