Jon Pirincci is a stand up comedian/Impressionist who does over 200 impressions who worked with Jay Leno, Billy Gardell and other top comics that travelled all over the U.S.He has great shows on his You Tube channel.under Jon Pirincci.also.

One called Celebrity Food Face.Famous. Jon does TV and Film stars that eat their favorite foods..Robert Deniro, Jerry Seinfeld,Jay Leno, Al Pacino,Ed O’Neill,John Travolta,Morgan Freeman and many others..

His other great show is The First impression.He teaches others on the street to do great celebrity impressions, good or bad it is very funny!! Karaoke Earth is also an incredble He sings with strangers in Hollywood with their favorite songs.Springsteen ,Prince,.Abba, Whitney Houston and many others.Advertisers get involved and develop programs on line with him because they get thousands of views and followers..

He is a multi-talented individual that can lend himself to Comedy, Theatrical Roles, Hosting, Voice Over,Podcasts(Comics Karma),Author(Whats a little wind?) and many other areas of entertainment..Jon has been involved with a variety of television and film projects also.

He was cast in the Clint Eastwood film Jersey Boys seen by millions of people in the movie and the trailer. JP also did TV shows like Good Girls with Chistina Hendricks, Black Monday with Don Cheadle, new films with Christian Bale and Will Ferrell..Jon was asked to do music videos with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown..Pirincci also did two national commercials with Ellen DeGeneres .advertisers and develop other programs on line and TV-Films that get thousands of views and followers..

When you want to laugh,sing and know his talent very much, you really must watch his very funny and different shows.No one does this online or even TV shows and Films.that was mentioned before in this release..You will never forget his amazing humorous talent!