Josh Bernstein 10/23/2015



Author and Political Strategist Josh Bernstein was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. He is a pro-Christian Jewish Conservative who detests Anti-Semitism just as much as Christian bias. A fiery, no holds barred commentator, Josh attacks every story in a way most others do not.

His unabashed, unafraid, and unapologetic take on every issue is surely to leave your audiences begging for more. An accomplished writer, his articles can be found on Examiner, Breitbart, Right Wing News, The Tea Party Tribune, The Pundit Press, Wayne Dupree, and others.

Josh is also the Director of Communications for The Tea Party Community where he is part of their Candidate Vetting Team. In addition, he writes press releases for U.S. Senate and Congressional Candidates as well as campaign ads and speeches.

Josh covers issues of the day with intellectual honesty and without the talking points. He exposes liberal hypocrisy, dissects leftist ideology, and dismantles liberal policy with intellect and facts. He is available to give new, refreshing, and real expert analysis on a myriad of topics.