Justin Samuels


Justin Samuels

Would you like to be featured on Justin’s popular blog – http://justinsamuels-ny.blogspot.com Check out the detailed synopsis for “The Agent”. He is casting and looking to raise a budget to get this into production in the fall. Alice Jones pulls every kind of scam in the book as an agent, switching from employment agent, to literary agent, to Hollywood agent. Edward Jones, the father of Alice Jones, is a troubled man who lives in a small town. While his family is short on money, he continues to spend it on a prostitute. His wife Cindy is upset at the state of the family finances. Edward sexually abuses Alice. When Cindy is confronted with the horror of the discovery, she shoots and kills Edward. Cindy and Alice bury the body. Cindy makes her children swear that no one will tell what happened. As a young woman, Alice starts singing sexual songs in the nightclubs. Her mother disapproves. Alice moves out. She starts her first telemarketing business. Alice’s agency uses deceptive practices such as creating websites with job applications to gain personal contact information and social security numbers. Her employment agency charges fees for its services. In New York, Alice forms the Jackson Heights Literary Agency. She uses the alias Brenda Tucker. There she defrauds clients out of considerable sums of money and is affiliated with another career con artist. As Faye, a brilliant writer/investigator figures out Brenda’s true identity, Alice goes underground. Posing as the exotic French woman Angelique Robidoux, she opens up a talent agency. There she proceeds to defraud screenwriters and actors. Alice impresses her neighbors with her singing ability. Her neighbor Joan introduces her to some men, one of which is Sebastian, a well-connected nightclub owner. Sebastian convinces Alice to sing in a competition in his nightclub. Alice wins a recording contract. Meanwhile, Faye has learned about the book Alice published in Europe under the name Maria Carrera. Faye heads off to Los Angeles when she learns of a suspicious writer’s conference. Faye recognizes Alice in the club one night. Alice flees. Sebastian is heart-broken when he learns that Angelique is a career criminal. Alice evades the police by disguising herself as an old drag queen who leads the church choir. She develops a relationship with a trucker named Jeff and plans to go to Canada with him. During her last day of performing at the church, Joan’s autistic child pulls of Alice’s wig. A high speed chase of ensues. She escapes with Jeff to Canada. They stop in a grimy hotel to have sex. Jeff ties her up for an S&M act that she loves. While she is all tied up he calls the police. Alice is arrested. The police congratulate Jeff. Check out his documentary “Many Faces of Occupy Wall Street”. It was recently screened at New Horizon International Film Festival in Iran – www.amazon.com/Many-Faces-Occupy-Wall-Street/dp/B008X0T5IM His articles on OWS are cited by Lee Stranahan on Breitbart – www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/04/05/occupy-wall-streets-internal-anarchy Justin has a host of compelling ebooks for sale on Amazon.com: “Occupy Wall Street, A Leftist, Anarchist Cult” – www.amazon.com/Occupy-Street-Leftist-Anarchist-ebook/dp/B0086XZKU8 “Macchu Picchu” – www.amazon.com/Macchu-Picchu-ebook/dp/B006Y3GRFY/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1346453923&sr=1-1&keywords=macchu+picchu+justin+samuels “Mother of Witches” – www.amazon.com/Mother-of-Witches-ebook/dp/B006OCC5CO/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1346453981&sr=1-1&keywords=mother+of+witches+justin+samuels

Date Recorded: 9/24/2012

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