Kenny McGee (Ruthless)


Kenny McGee (Ruthless)

Kevin Wood – Legendary guitarist & zen shred king with vocal abilities

Kevin’s musical career spanned over 30 years. In addition to founding Malfunkshun, Kevin’s talents have been showcased in his numerous bands including: Kevin Wood & From the North, Devil Head, Fire Ants, Hippie Glitz. His band members have included Chad Channing from Nirvana, Ben Sheppard of Soundgarden, Sean Smith of Brad & Satchel. He has played and recorded with notable musicians including: Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam & Brad, Tim McGovern of the Motels, Skerik from Critters Buggin on Scott Cranes Umbra project,The DeHumanizers & Dan McDonald in Regin Hegar & others. He has shared the stage with such bands as: Soundgarden, Brad, Stone Gossard, Extreme, Puddle of Mud, Grand Funk Railroad, Satchel, Fishbone, Super Suckers, Husker Du, Discharge, The Mentors, Dehumanizers, Chad Channing, Ben Sheppard, Tom Morello, Shawn Smith, Tim Robbins, Jack Endino, Duff McKagan.
Date Recorded: 04/4/2012

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