Kevin V. Huhn


Award winning leading authority, author and coach, Kevin Huhn is a passionate individual making a difference in the lives of people around the world. He has his hand on the pulse of what is making business succeed and fail in these turbulent times. He understands people and has learned the single most important thing to ensure success long term.
For 40 years he chased a dream that took him through the peaks and valleys of achievements and failures both personally and professionally. Determined to realize his dream, he harnessed the lessons learned from termination of employment to employee of the year; from business closure to a national brand; and from an identity crisis to a leading authority; and helped others along the way, by inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest.
Kevin’s efforts as a business growth strategist and coach have earned him the title of Business’s Coach. He is a far cry from the hockey player he thought he’d be at a young age. In 2007, Kevin fulfilled a life long dream of making it to pro hockey. He went from Class Clown in school to Executive Business Class… achieving the life he knew he deserved. No longer having to live life on a dime, Kevin is a dominating force in his industry and increases his clients’ business revenues into the millions with his keen strategies and expertise.
Though best known as a passionate and inspiring speaker, Kevin is sought after for his creative problem solving skillset. His uncanny ways continue to help others realize their goals. He gets to the heart of the matter and then injects new hope of what is possible. Kevin is quickly becoming the entrepreneurs’ go-to guy.
Recognized as someone who made a unique and outstanding contribution within and beyond the City of Markham, Ontario, Kevin is the recipient of the city’s 2012 ACRA Civic Recognition Award.