Kimberly Klein


Kimberly Klein, author of “The Universe Speaks,” a heavenly dialogue dealing with the death of the author’s 13-year-old daughter Talia, who was killed in a small private plane that crashed into the side of a volcano in Panama in the year 2007…also killed in that flight was the author’s ex-husband, the father of Talia…Talia’s best friend survived that horrible accident–the only survivor.

A month after Talia’s death, she started to speak from the afterlife.

In this compelling book, Talia teaches us that the conversations between the spirit world and those of us in physical bodies are as normal and natural as any conversation between two people.

Kim Klein writes what it’s like to transition from the physical world to non-physical realms–that death is a gateway into a new realm of life. The book offers peace to those who fear death, insight into our lives on Earth and into the world beyond, and an understanding to anyone who has been affected by tragedy.

Klein is also the author of “Hummingbirds Don’t Fly in the Rain,” again dealing with daughter Talia–chronicling the 7-day, suspenseful-filled journey that begins the moment Klein receives the phone call announcing her daughter’s plane is missing.

Lessons are strong here that there is an afterlife.

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