Kip Marlow


Rethinking the Risk of Entrepreneurship

Guest Opportunity: Kip Marlow, Expert Business Advisor and Strategist, Creator of The Risk Takers™ 60 Second Vignetteand Critically Acclaimed Author of “The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice”.

Starting your own business has long been considered a risky proposition. Just the potential for failure and loss discourages many would-be entrepreneurs from giving it a go. Intimidated by oft-reported statistics like “50% of all businesses fail within the first two years,” even those with great ideas or lots of skill frequently decide to play it “safe.”

Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost for the rest of us. How many great ideas are trapped, never to be brought to market, because of the fear of risk?Sure, trying anything new comes with some chance of failure. But often the likelihood and potential downsides of that chance get over-inflated, while the security of other options gets over-estimated.

Kip Marlow, Critically Acclaimed Author ofThe Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice,founded The Risk Takers™ to capture some of our most famous entrepreneurs’ secrets of success and lessons learned about starting and operating a small and sometimes large business. He uses his expertise to show why taking a risk can be your key to accomplishment.