Kip Marlow 7/13/2015


Undercover Risk Takers: Entrepreneurs in Disguise

Guest Opportunity: Kip Marlow, Expert Business Advisor and Strategist, Creator of The Risk Takers®60 Second Vignetteand Critically Acclaimed Author of “The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice”.

We’ve all witnessed the boom of entrepreneurship across the world. Today it seems everybody wants to take things into their own hands, become their own boss and start a business.

Entrepreneurship is the new norm, it’s no longer an unattainable fantasy – we’re all busy thinking of new, innovative and creative ideas that will help us crack the market and aid our success.The question is, should business owners be encouraging this sort of entrepreneurial behavior from their staff?

Kip Marlow, Critically Acclaimed Author of The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice, founded The Risk Takers®to capture some of our most famous entrepreneurs’ secrets of success and lessons learned about starting and operating a small and sometimes large business. He uses his expertise to show why taking a risk can be your key to accomplishment.