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he recent news that US Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl will serve NO jail time and get salary forfeiture could suggest to the public that Bergdahl will NOT be getting a huge payout for his time in captivity. This obscures a fact that was virtually un-reported. Ron Daigle, Kris Saucier’s attorney stated: “Virtually no one, repeat nobody in the media is reporting the truth on this. Bowe Bergdahl is looking at forfeiting only $10,000 from an approximately $300,000 payout. This fact is flying way beneath the radar because it will cause an uproar as it should!”

All this is shocking given the ongoing injustice to discharged Navy machinist mate Kris Saucier who spent nearly a year in prison, was denied pay & family benefits while in jail and whose probabtion work schedule restricts him from earning enough to support his family and cover legal bills. To add insult to injury he also has to pay the daily rental on an ankle monitor!

The contrasts between Bergdahl and Kris Saucier are GLARING:
Bergdahl was allowed to go to court martial where he was apppoonted a free JAG (military attorney) and not forced to pay a private lawyer like Kris Saucier. had to

Bergdahl was tried by a jury of his peers versus civilians who were not familiar with the intricacies of his military career and likely to be led into misconceptions by a civilian prosecutor and judge.
Bergdahl was made a hero by the Obama administration to forward their goal of shutting down GITMO whereas Kris Saucier was used as a scapegoat to cover up crimes of their friend Hillary Clinton.
Kristian Saucier served his country honorably for 11 years and lost the same amount of benefits as Bergdahl who abandoned his post and put lives in danger.
The military abandoned Kris Saucier and left him to his own defense against a federal prosecutor and Clinton appointed judge, vs The Obama administration and the military used resources and risked soldier’s lives looking for Bergdahl and eventually traded violent terrorists for his freedom, who would go back to fight for and kill more military servicemen once released.
Kris Saucier’s mistake had no measurable cost monetarily or security wise that the government could give a figure for, compared to the money and more important, people’s lives that were risked trying to find Berghdal and the potential damage the terrorists that were traded for him will cause in the future.
Berghdal wasn’t ruined financially or forced to be away from his family by the very government he served like Kris Saucier, he chose to abandon his post and as a result was captured by foreign forces and held prisoner.
Kris Saucier was locked in a cell by the US Government.

Former US Navy Petty Officer, Kristian Saucier recently appeared on Varney & Company and accepted his punishment of nearly a year in Federal prison for those already mentioned cell phone pictures in a restricted area of a 40 year old submarine. While he recognized his mistake, wishing to have some keepsake pictures of where he worked on his submarine, he contrasted his offense with Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Huma Abedin:

“…you have people like Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and Huma Abedin who committed far more egregious acts you know I’m not trying to minimize what I did, I made a mistake …the photos I took were of Confidential which is the lowest tier of classification, whereas the information they mishandled was Top Secret SCI….”. He added.” But what I think the issue here is that the punishment isnt doled out evenly across the board ..”

Saucier was serving on the nuclear powered attack submarine USS Alexandria in 2009 when it was in port in Groton, Connecticut. While there he took six cell phone pictures for his family to illustrate the work he did in an area that was restricted from photo taking. Years later this cell phone was found and the photos discovered. Aside from this somewhat common infraction often punished within the military judicial system by being demoted to a lower pay grade and rank, Kristian had served honorably with high praise from his superiors as an important and skilled member of the US Nuclear Navy’s elite submariners corps. His years of exemplary naval service not withstanding, he was charged as a civilian, jailed and the legal fees were devastating financially for his family.

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During the 2016 presidential campaign the civilian court decision to sentence Kristian to nearly a year in prison became a national topic when Donald Trump contrasted Saucier’s harsh punishment to the non punishment that Hillary Clinton enjoyed after having even beyond top secret communications and dozens of classified ones on her private (and highly hackable) server accessible with her cell phones. Kristian now faces life without an honorable discharge; the likelihood that he will never be given security clearance and has suffered vehicle re-possessions and foreclosure on his home. The Clinton’s meanwhile, could afford to purchase a second house in tony Chappaqua, New York and Hillary Clinton could freely look forward to becoming President enjoying access to the most top secret and sensitive communications imaginable. Kristian Saucier is now outfitted with an ankle monitor, which he must wear for 7 months.

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