Larry Tracy 10/4/2021


President Ronald Reagan described Larry Tracy as “An extraordinarily effective speaker.” He was an Army colonel assigned to the State Department to debate controversial US foreign policy issues throughout the country.

He is now cited as one of the top presentation skills trainers/coaches in the country in publications such as the Information Please Business Almanac and Sourcebook, published by Houghton-Mifflin, Best of the Best, published by Insight Publishing, and What to Say When… You’re Dying on the Platform, published by McGraw-Hill.

Larry’s recently-published e-book Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations That Get “Buy-in” From ANY Audience outlines his unique S3P3 System which he developed while debating those controversial policy issues in front of some of the most demanding, often hostile, audiences in the country.It was the feedback President Reagan received that resulted in his praise for Larry.

He conducts presentation skills workshops for corporations and government agencies, and trains corporate teams how to deliver winning oral presentations for government and commercial contracts. His coaching is not derivative classroom theory, but instead flows from his “real-world” experience.

He served as Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Presentations Branch–the Pentagon’s top briefing team–responsible for daily intelligence presentations to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  He supervised and coordinated over 500 of these multi-media, multi-screen briefings, and delivered almost 100 of them personally. Because of his speaking skills, the White House directed the Army to detail him to the State Department.