Laurel Anne Hill.


About the Book:
Laurel Anne Hill’s award-winning The Engine Woman’s Light is a steampunk meets mysticism page-turner. In it, our heroine, Jaunita, finds herself abandoned on a train headed to an asylum for the poor and unwanted. After a vision, she takes on the unsavory task of stopping the train, which is on its way to killing the innocent passengers aboard.

About Laurel Anne Hill:
LAUREL ANNE HILL grew up in San Francisco, with more dreams of adventure than good sense or money. Her close brushes with death, love of family, respect for honor and belief in a higher power influence her writing and life. She has authored two award-winning novels: The Engine Woman’s Light (Sand Hill Review Press), a gripping spirits-meet-steampunk tale, and Heroes Arise (KOMENAR Publishing). Laurel’s published short stories and nonfiction pieces total over forty. She’s the Literary Stage Manager for the annual San Mateo County Fair, a speaker, writing contest judge, and editor.