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carjackings, or the robbery of a car by the threat of force by an attacker, have been increasing. Carjackings are becoming a pandemic and it’s not just happening in certain cities it’s happening everywhere, at gas stations and even at parking lots in apartment complexes. We’re starting to see it more and more and you need to be aware of your situation of what’s going on around you and we’re gonna show you some carjackings and some tips so this doesn’t happen to you.

There are simple steps you can take to further avoid being a victim of a carjacking. Much of the prevention is simply the awareness of the threat, and thinking about what you would do if something happened.

Fear shouldn’t rule your life, but you should always be aware of your security and surroundings the same way you keep an eye on the road. Pay attention to who and what is around you. Trust your gut. If you feel threatened or alarmed, be cautious and stay alert.

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