Could gun laws make you a legal target? Are you aware of statutes that could
send you to prison for giving a gun to a family member, carrying a concealed
weapon after your permit expires, or the improper sale or transfer of a

Firearms attorney Alexandria Kincaid says, “Ignorance of the law is no
excuse, and a conviction could land you probation or even jail time, fines,
and the loss of your constitutional right to bear arms in the future.”

Alexandria, who is available to be your Talk Show interview guests, is
available to arm your listeners with the facts. As a former prosecutor and
currently a civil law attorney, Alex Kincaid now comes to the defense of
gunowners with her powerful new book called, “Infringed.”

Alex Kincaid writes, “Gun owners need a book to help us understand the
system of gun laws, so we will think about ordinary, but heavily regulated,
every day behavior that puts us at risk of committing an accidental felony.
This book empowers every gun owner with the necessary knowledge to stay
safe, legal, and alive.”

In Alex’s book, “Infringed,” your listeners will learn the following:

* How to sell or give a gun to someone without breaking the law.
* How to transfer or ship guns across state lines.
* When you can buy a gun for another person.
* Who can possess a gun, and why “possessing” is different from owning.
* How to legally travel with your firearms.
* When you can bring your gun to work.
* How seniors can keep their gun rights, even if they need help managing
* How a gun trust can protect you, your family, and your guns.
* How the American legal system works, and why the gun laws are constantly
* When you need a Federal Firearms License and how to get it.
* What you need to know about using deadly force to protect your life…
* And much more!

Right now, your listeners can save five dollars when they pre-order Alex
Kincaid’s informative new book, “Infringed,” online.


Alexandria Kincaid is a civil attorney with a specialty in the area of the
Second Amendment and gun rights.

As a former prosecutor, Alex has plenty of experiences having to do with
firearms legal cases.

Her latest book is titled, “Infringed.”

Gemtech Director Owen Miller endorsed Alexandria and her book saying,
“Alexandria Kincaid is an asset to our organization and an integral part of
my overall compliance planning both professionally as well as for my own
personal asset protection and estate planning when it comes to firearms.”

As a public speaker Alexandria recently gave a speech at the “Armed Women
are Safer” rally at the Capitol Building in downtown Boise, Idaho,
discussing the role firearms have played in cases she prosecuted.

On the personal side, Alexandria Kincaid has been a victim of a strangling.