Statement by Rob Roselli:

The presidential clown show aside, the candidacy of Donald Trump has elicited some very interesting responses. What this “conspiracy kook” finds most ironic are the comparisons of Trump to one Adolf Hitler by the so called tolerant Progressives. What the left wing dunces, dupes and dimwits or quite simply the useful idiots of our criminal banking overlords fail to realize is that Hitler is THEIR guy. Let’s look at a flow chart of this ownership:

-Darwinism. The very foundation of Hitler’s Aryan white supremacist belief system was rooted in Darwinism. Yes the THEORY of evolution was the base philosophy of one history’s worst tyrants who “only” killed around 15 million Jewish “pigs” and other “undesirables” including….

-Eugenics. “…misfits, morons, human weeds and imbeciles”. Darwinism led to the Anglo-American) elites establishment of entities like the American Eugenics Society. These societies had a literal intercontinental love fest going with Hitler and his Social Darwinist underlings. In fact one of Hitler’s biggest fans…

-Abortion. Margaret Sanger didn’t think that her American eugenics brethren were doing enough to rid the world of “morons”. So she sets out to eliminate the “misfits” before they are even born. Of course Hitler didn’t have a “negro problem” like we had here so Ms. Sanger had in mind to eliminate “the negro” and other “human weeds” before they were allowed to exist hence was born, pun intended, The American Birth Control League. If this sounds familiar it should…today we know Ms. Sanger’s great work as “Planned Parenthood” which, much to Ms. Sanger’s elation, has done literally thousands of times more to decimate the American “negro” in the last 50 years than all the Southern white (mostly Democrat) racists did in the last 150 years. Now of course trying to eliminate billions of people off of Mother Earth isn’t going to sit too well with the billions you want to eliminate so it has to be ensconced in a movement that appears to be beneficial for all……

-The radical environmental movement. Yes Hitler was very much into nature worship, the occult and trees just like many of today’s “New” Age environmental wackos. The environmental movement has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with population control both in terms of Hitleresque centralized government and outright thinning of the herd. The “science” of “climate change” is the very thin veneer of “science” being used to pull this all of. For those who think this is too much think again…we are literally burning our fuel supply with the corn based ethanol scam. According to multiple reports millions in so called “Third World” countries, ie, Darwin’s “savages”, are literally starving to death over this one scam. So who has the power to pull this all off…

-The UN-American Genocidal Complex. Some may know this as The Eastern Establishment or The Military-Industrial Complex but I have dubbed it “The UN-American Genocidal Complex” since the Rockefeller founded United Nations and Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve were the main ones behind Adolf Hitler’s finances and white supremacist philosophy. The Rockefellers and their allies of yesteryear JP Morgan, Warburgs and Rothschilds are still around today in the form of media control and the tax exempt foundations. They wield the kind of power exemplified in the Old Testament by the Egyptian Pharaoh…

-This is all spelled out in the anti-10 Commandments of the Georgia Guidestones which this “conspiracy kook” has tied directly to The UN-American Genocidal Complex. In the Old Testament human babies were sacrificed to Baal. Baal’s Egyptian equivalent was Osiris and “his” wife Isis we know today as “Gaia” or “Mother Earth”. Now these two were directly associated with a certain golden calf if you believe that sort of thing….

Pleased to meet you…hope you guess my name.

This is all summed up very succinctly into a quick two hour read, a book titled, “The UN-American Genocidal Complex,” available at:


Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee and in 1997 a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ.

A licensed professional engineer in three states, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut currently working in southern New York state and residing with my wife in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Raised Roman Catholic and practiced on and off with regularity until college. Introduction into Biblical Christianity dates back to the early nineties but never took the “conspiratorial view” of history seriously enough until the last few years as events are seemingly leading us to the Lord’s return to “Mother Earth”, a descent “To the Mouth of Madness”, or both.

Self taught and, quite often, many of his sources came about as a result of the bibliographies and footnotes of earlier sources. The sources of Rob’s acquired knowledge run the gamut from many famous “conspiracy theorists” to the most ardent “New” Agers to the Dalai Lama himself to “Ascended Masters” Djwhal Khul and The Count of Saint Germain.

Rob’s first seemingly prophetic book, “The THEorYofLIVEvolution,” is hauntingly more applicable to current times than the day it was written.