Podcast: 1/5/2018



The Library Of Congress made headlines this week with its announcement that effective six days from its announcement, it will no longer be archiving the full Twitter firehose, which it has done since 2010. While many in the tech press have used this as an argument that Twitter is simply obsolete and no longer worth archiving, the announcement itself raises key questions about just how critical decisions are being made as to what should be archived in our digital world.

At a time when an increasing number of world leaders are taking to Twitter to discuss major policy issues, make formal statements and engage with their citizens at the same time we are talking about Russian influence operations, terrorist recruiting, trolls and harassment on social media, it might seem that this is absolutely the wrong time to suddenly announce with no warning that the Library of Congress will no longer be archiving the full Twitter firehose. While the Library has advised that it will continue to archive tweets on a “very selective basis,” its track record in web archiving suggests it will be very limited indeed.–Forbes

Political Commentator/Author Todd Thiede best selling author, Fire-War trilogy series which has eerily ’predicted’ 9 things which have come into play.

Todd Thiede, pseudonym : TT Michael, has a new book coming out in January is about a businessman elected president

Book: https://www.amazon.com/Fire-War-T-Michael/dp/1517180740