Linda Wagner, Obesity Survivor


Linda Wagner, Obesity Survivor

On February 7th Linda met with Aaron Snyder, a 4th generation diabetic and obesity survivor. Linda was 55 years old and 305 pounds, and was an admitted failure at weight control. As of March 14th, she was under 295 pounds and counting. That’s 5 weeks and 10 pounds based on reason, not rationing. Linda has changed her relationship with food. Obesity is falsely equated with laziness. Linda, when overweight or not, engaged in softball, basketball;, dance and swimming. She presently manages a dental office and is anything but a couch potato. She is simply obese, because she is a foodahalic. Like an alcoholic gets addicted to booze, Linda is addicted to bad food for bad reasons. And so she must avoid bad foods and avoid addictive responses to stressors. She is re-engaged in her own personal battle with life events that affected her decisions from age 11, and hounded her through failures with everything from Weight Watchers at age 14 to bariatric surgery at age 48, when she was over 400 pounds. The surgery helped her get down to 180 at age 50, her relationship with life and food put back 120 pounds. Linda is determined to change that the same way she gained it…one ounce at a time! Obesity is a lonesome place. The epidemic needs a better, common sense, non-commercial approach. Linda Wagner is on it! Linda believes in Linda! Linda openly discusses the fact that life events can compromise your willingness and ability to make good decisions; and how food can be an adversary or an ally. The working title of her upcoming book is “Get Me Out Of This Fat Suit- Confessions of a true Fatty” . To learn more about Linda and her war on weight please see linda working with Aaron at
Date Recorded: 9/5/2012

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