Listener Email


Happy Monday and today’s Listener email:

You interviewed a shrink the other day. Every other sentence your guest said something you were jumping in like a hopped up meth addict with some stupid antidote of your pathetically boring life. The punch line to to speak was when you said you punched some loser in the face that was living with you. To be honest whenever your guest opened his mouth to try to express something I felt like giving you a right hook across the jaw and turning your mouth into a cup holder dislocated teeth.

As on occasional listener (typically a weekend evening returning home drunk) my suggestion is that you wire your mouth shut and let the guest talk. Instead if restating the name of the guest every 3 minutes as you pretend to be a radio announcer and make some trite comment I think it would be more informative for you to say – especially to female guests – you are listening to the Jizzy Fagwire show and you have nothing against lesbians transsexuals and in fact they are some of your best friends.

best retards,

Shaggy Snotflcker
An Occasional Listerine’r

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