Loren Ens


Loren Ens

Need for a convention

Loren J. Enns is a computer engineering instructor by trade and a regular patriotic American. He has over decade of experience reverse engineering the latest technologies from Microsoft & Cisco and teaching them to the industry’s IT engineers. Loren, 39, was born in the San Francisco Bay area. He attended the University of Nebraska and majored in Criminal Justice. After graduation, his college hobby of ‘dee-jaying’ turned into a full-time job doing weddings and corporate events. Several years later, in 1999, Loren ended up in Florida where he started a career in Information Technology. The inspiration for his book came seven years ago when Loren traveled to Washington DC for Labor Day weekend 2005. That Friday evening, he had a chance encounter with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and on that Saturday he visited Arlington National Cemetery at the very moment Chief Justice William Rehnquist died in nearby Arlington, Virginia. Deeply affected by these events but not quite sure of their meaning, Loren decided to prepare for whatever service he might offer America by immersing himself in the knowledge of our founding fathers. What he found were the stories of Athens, Rome and England in which an abused people were forced to reassert control over their government. Most shockingly, he discovered a legitimate constitutional method by which we could do the same! Convinced that this revelation must be shared, Enns began to write The Sword of Liberty. As his writing progressed, the financial crisis in America changed everything. Loren realized that he must write ‘The Sword of Liberty’ to awaken the American people to the end-of-civilation type danger they faced and show them how they could use the Constitution’s greatest power to stop our government from bankrupting America.
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