M. Rice 4/25/2017


Noted author of art books, artist Megan Rice, now residing in So. Calif., was born in Mexico City in 1951. When she was a toddler, her parents studied at Black Mountain College in North Carolina…ask Megan to talk to you more about this unusual college that closed several years ago…the college is the basis of her latest book–it made quite an impact on Megan.

Megan grew up among artists and writers in Southern California. She attended Sir John Cass School of art in London, and graduated from
Mills College in Oakland California with a BA in Fine Art.

Megan currently teaches art and creativity classes in a women’s residential rehab. What is a rehab class? What is it like as a teacher? Do students learn slowly or not?

Megan has been keeping a daily journal and making art all her life. She states “I love finding a relationship between my journal writing
and my visual art, and thereby creating a book.” Can anyone be successful with visual art? How different is visual art from art most of us observe?

What are the secrets to a successful art book? Does it have to be in color or can it be big with the American public if just in black and white?

What are the main points of your book, “The Art of Mothering”—????

How can we secure your books? What’s next for you in the literary and art world?

You are a cancer survivor as is your husband…what steps did you both take to emerge as a victor?

What was your experience like this past weekend being featured at the LA Times Festival of Books on the campus of USC, Univ. of So. Calif.?

Ms. Rice has created and self published 5 art books; “The Art of Mothering”, “A Brush with Cancer”,
“Teen Scream”, “New York Artist Residency 2011, and
“Black Mountain College; My Creation Myth”.

Megan’s books are all available online at Lulu.com/ megan rice