Marc Krieger, Financial Expert, Relocation Consultant and Author


Marc Krieger, Financial Expert, Relocation Consultant and Author

TOPIC-Marc Krieger, Australia / New Zealand Relocation Expert and Author Marc Krieger is the author of The How to Escape America Guide, a financial expert, and a consultant on relocating outside the United States. His specialty is explaining why Americans should consider immigrating to other countries to escape the impending economic collapse. Marc’s new audio book, the How to Escape America Guide, primarily focuses on opportunities to immigrate to New Zealand and Australia where wages are higher, unemployment is lower, economic conditions are far better, and people genuinely enjoy more freedom. The book discusses immigration laws, how one goes about acquiring a job, and the logistics of resettling in a new country. Marc believes that the United States is facing a major fiscal calamity regardless of which party is in power. Government spending is out of control, unemployment is chronic, and Americans are experiencing a major reduction in living standards. The younger generation is doing far worse compared to their parents. Unlike the United States, New Zealand and Australia enjoy very low levels of government debt, strong economies, and both countries will have budget surpluses again within the next two years. At present, Australasia is enjoying a huge mining boom and many mining workers are earning six figures without a degree. The economic pendulum is swinging from West to East and both New Zealand and Australia are doing well thanks to their strong export links to Asia. Marc owns his own financial consulting company, Krieger Capital. He also successfully managed to emigrate from the United States to New Zealand in 2010 and wants to share his story and knowledge with your listeners. Marc has done countless radio interviews and radio audiences have found him informative and entertaining. Given the recent outcome of the election, many disenchanted people may wish to look for opportunities in other countries like Marc has.

Managing Director of Krieger Capital Ltd, a New Zealand-based financial education and consulting firm. Sold his business in Alaska and successfully relocated from the United States to New Zealand. Invests internationally and has lived in six different countries. Advises clients on investments along with speaking and writing regularly about economics, investments, and politics.

Date Recorded: 12/0/2012

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